Project Profile - San Jose International Airport, ConRAC
San Jose, CA
Solar Power
1,200 kW
Rosendin Electric completed this landmark 1.2 MW solar photovoltaic system at the Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, CA. Sitting atop the newly constructed 7-story consolidated rental car parking garage, named ConRAC, this PV system was entirely designed, engineered, constructed and commissioned by Rosendin Electric using over 4,000 high-performance Canadian Solar Inc. modules and two 500 kW Advanced Energy Solaron inverters.

In an effort to maximize energy generation and return on investment while minimizing life cycle costs, Rosendin Electric installed an advanced string-level monitoring and smart combiner system supplied by Energy Recommerce. This technology enables us to monitor each component of the system by tracking real-time streaming data at the string-level to detect any specific performance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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