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For Trade Partners

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For Trade Partners

Rosendin’s prequalification program is active with Highwire. At every stage of the capital project lifecycle, we are collaborating with partners to mitigate the safety, finance, quality, and sustainability risks that determine success or failure.

Please use the link below to complete your prequalification.

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Why does Rosendin use Highwire?

To improve our contractor prequalification process Rosendin Holdings has implemented the Highwire partner elevation tool to assess, quantify, and mitigate key areas of safety & financial risk for all subcontractor partners. This system will support maintenance of required qualification information and ensure this data is current and available to support bids.

How does Highwire work?

Information submitted is transmitted electronically and stored in a centralized database. The tool supports Rosendin Holdings prequalification as well as hundreds of other GC/Owner pre-qual requirements. The system provides notifications when licenses and certificates are about to expire. Customized algorithms identify safety strengths and weaknesses and report these findings back to you. As improvement in safety performance occurs, company ratings improve. A subscription fee is required for these services based on a company’s annual revenue.

How can my company enroll with Highwire?

  1. Create an account at
  2. Fill out all required information, accurately, on the “New to Highwire?” page.
  3. If you do not already have a Highwire account, the following annual subscriptions fees will apply:
    • Total Company Annual Revenue / 2022 Subscription Fee
      • Less than $500k / Free
      • Between $500k – $1M
        • Single Hiring Partner / $375/year
        • Multiple Hiring Partners / $750/year
      • Greater than $1M
        • Single Hiring Partner, Single Trade Type / $900/year
      • Multiple Hiring Partners or Multiple Trade Types / Contact Highwire for a quote

Why should I update my company profile?

Information in your profile should be updated regularly to reflect positive changes to your safety program and your financial health. If the initial safety rating is low at the time of enrollment, you can boost your rating by updating your Safety Programs and supplying missing documentation. The system will tell you what is needed to increase your rating.

Who do I contact for questions about Highwire?

Application: For Questions regarding the use of the Highwire application, please contact Highwire Support at [email protected] or by phone at 866-817-2210.

Enrollment: For questions regarding the enrollment that should be directed to Rosendin Holdings, please contact the Supplier/Subcontractor Program Management team at [email protected] or [email protected].

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