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Rosendin Rosendin

What We Do

  • What We Do

Core Services

Always an innovator, Rosendin consistently studies, develops and embraces new technologies and incorporates them into everything we do.

Building Information Modeling

220+ full-time coordinators, modelers and detailers, who execute projects throughout the United States and abroad.


80+ in-house engineering and technical professionals who ensure project implementation success.

Instrumentation & Controls

A dedicated team that works to identify and develop the best solutions for unique customer needs.

Service & Maintenance

A fully-stocked service fleet that provides 24/7/365 emergency response to keep customers powered-up for daily endeavors.

Value Add Services

Complex projects require extra attention. Rosendin provides specialized value add services, which complement our core offerings.


Deep expertise that ensures all insights related to the design intent of electrical systems are clearly communicated to all parties.


50+ years’ of serving a diverse client portfolio through expert know-how and an eye toward innovation.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Rosendin believes that the success of IPD depends on the people who build the project, not the tools.


A thorough exploration of how and where prefabrication can impact project productivity, scheduling, labor costs, and waste efficiency.

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