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Be the Power in Your Success.

You’re a Part of Something Here

Our success is rooted in our people. We all come together around long-term vision and a sense of shared ownership. As a group, we do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our business…and your career.

The safety of Rosendin’s employees, clients, partners, and community members is a value that has been a part of our history for more than 100 years. At the heart of what we do is our core value: We Care. This Core Value is built upon integrity and the creation of an environment where our people are empowered to work safely, be their best selves, and respect each other. Rosendin is committed to our unwavering focus to Care, Share, Listen, Innovate, and Excel.

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From Combat Boots to Hardhats

Rosendin is proud to employ some of our nation’s finest military men and women, in a variety of positions. Whether actively serving or honored veterans, they embody a unique spirit that makes our team stronger. We thank them all for their sacrifice.

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“Being a 100% employee-owned company, that just goes to show you how employee-focused the company is.”

“Everyone is so welcoming and they try to train well. The ESOP is great and overall a place to call family.”

“Amazing intern program with great pay in a company full of growth and opportunities for those with or without experience. Rosendin has a valuable culture they set forth and understand the commitment it takes to recruit the best employees by giving those interested in the industry an opportunity to intern with them. The amount of knowledge and experience I obtained through their intern program, will be very valuable for me in my future career.”

“Great Culture and Work-life balance. Great People and lost of projects. Retirement, Employee Stock is a plus. Benefits are great. Encourages Growth and Learning.”

“An Employee Owned Company that puts everything into Building people and relationships.”

“Large company, seeking intelligent projects, room to grow with-in the company as long as work is available. Various aspects of the electrical industry is a plus.”

“I have a great safety team in Maryland office. 1. Always willing to help 2. Push me to get better everyday. 3. Empowered to take control of projects 4. They put value into interns (not just busy work being forced on me).”

“Opportunities for professional growth, excellent pay, travel opportunities, focus on employee work/life balance.”

“Great Environment Coworkers and PM’s always willing to help Division Managers are extremely helpful.”

“Rosendin cares a lot about their employees and will provide amenities in the work place to make working there more enjoyable. -Everyone’s contributions are valued and there are many experienced workers to learn from. -The work life balance is quite good compared to other companies.”

“Rosendin is a wonderful place to work. The people I have worked with have all been very kind, patient, and informative. From my boss to my coworkers, everyone has taken the time to really teach me what I needed to know. As long as you put in the effort to learn, people are willing to help you to be successful.”

Whether we’re going through our prequalifications, that we’re actually putting in the budget that it’s going to take a certain level of safety or even putting a full-time safety professional on there. Just making sure that they have the training, tools, material that they need to safely person their tasks.

Tony O.
Director of Regional Safety

I’m most proud when wearing the Rosendin Brand at national conferences. Our national reputation is strong and runs deep, and the hard work and dedication of every employee (past and current) is evident with every conversation I have. I’m proud to be a part of this team!

Phil B.
Director of Business Development

“Building a Quality project doesn’t just fall on the QC Foreman, it is everyone’s responsibility. It takes the whole team to build a quality job.”

Daniel B.
General Superintendent

At Rosendin, I am able to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Employees on both the field and office side have helped me learn so much about electrical construction. The time people have taken out of their schedules to help me be successful has made me feel valued as both an employee and as an individual. As employee-owners, the people take more ownership of their careers and the success of the organization. There is a sense of comradery that we are all in this together. Success is not just about the individual, it is about the success of all employees as well as the organization.

Kayla H.
Instructional Designer

Working at Rosendin has been a great learning experience. I love working with the people, Rosendin cares, safety is a virtue, and at Rosendin you’re part of a family. As an employee-owned company, we have a bigger investment in the success of the company, it’s personal. Pride and responsibility come with being an employee-owner.

Shari Z.
Safety Manager

“Quality is the manifestation of great work ethic and passion.”

Robert G.
Quality Assurance & Commissioning Manager

“I try not to let anything about who I am be a challenge or a disadvantage. As a woman in this industry, when I go to work each day everyone is on the same playing field, regardless of gender.”

Jammie B.
Project Manager

I still feel like I’m working toward an ultimate goal of making the industry more accepting of and accessible to women and other minorities. Every time a new woman is hired in my office, I get excited to see the scales tip a little more.

Dani S.
Project Manager

I have developed many strong relationships, both internally and externally, but my greatest accomplishment has been helping others grow professionally by guiding them to see past limitations.

Bruce C.
Vice President of Field Operations

I met many really cool people from all over the US during intern week that I still like to keep in touch with today. Working as an intern at the San Francisco airport, I learned an enormous amount about project management and the importance of communication with your team, other contractors and clients. I was able to practice what I learned in my school projects at San Jose State by setting goals, deadlines and communicating effectively to avoid difficulties throughout the year. Once I graduated, I was pleased to hear from one of my mentors that I had an opportunity to continue working full-time at Rosendin. Currently, I get to work with low-voltage systems at the airport alongside the most knowledgeable, skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. My team has been extremely supportive and helpful in training me and it’s been a pleasure so far working with everyone.

Roy G.
Assistant Project Manager

At Rosendin, every employee is empowered to learn and grow in their roles and careers. Team members are given the necessary tools to be successful and provided with multiple growth opportunities. You can pave your path and are not limited. The sky truly is the limit.

Brittney A.
Business Development Assistant

“The only person standing in the way of any upward mobility is me, and I intend to not let myself get in the way. The contours of my path are not as defined as they would be in a first career, so I’m not going to be afraid if the path takes a slight detour along the way. I’ve met some wonderful people in this new career and learned some new things.”

Kara B.
Project Manager

“The United States Marine Corps gave me the tools required to manage a large workload in an efficient manner.”

Dillon O.
BIM Modeler
Marine Corps

“My supervisors and colleagues at Rosendin have been incredibly supportive these last few years when my country called me to duty. I am not only proud but also grateful to have the opportunity to protect and serve the people of Oregon.”

James V M.
Air National Guard

“Being a veteran has given me a sense of accomplishment and a sense of direction in life. Many veterans are trying to figure out where to go next, and a place like Rosendin can help them a lot in finding a role in this industry. Rosendin has always been very appreciative of my service and the service of all veterans – it really helps to make you feel at home”

Bruce C.
Vice President of Field Operations
Marine Corps

“My time in the Navy Seabees helped me succeed as a project manager because I learned to bring the team spirit to all that I do. Rosendin has supported me as a veteran and supports veterans in our company as a whole. They have provided sponsorships and donations to the Seabees and CEC historical societies, and I have been proud to represent my company at the San Diego Seabees Awards Banquet. Rosendin provides all the support one could need to succeed.”

Jeannie C.
Project Executive

“One thing I learned from the Marine Corps, especially in the infantry, was a lot of drive. When you had to get something done, we got it done one way or another with whatever we got. A lot of it is just pushing through.”

Larry E.
Assistant Project Manager
Marine Corps

“My experience with the military – what they always teach you to be is responsible and to be dependable. When they need you to do something we got to get it done. Sometime there were a lot of up and downs but you got to get the project done, you have to get the mission done.”

Luis A H.
General Foreman
Marine Corps

“Everything I learned in the electrical trade in the Navy served as the baseline for where I am today. This is a great profession to be a part of and Rosendin would offer you an excellent opportunity to grow and provide for your family.”

Mike H.
Vice President of Preconstruction

“The military has helped me realize the huge effect good leaders can have on their teams.”

Luke F.
Division Manager

“Honor, respect, and integrity are all core values I learned from the service and, to this day, help my career push ahead. Continue to listen to your leaders who are full of job experience as they are there to bring up the younger workforce underneath them so when they are ready to retire they can be comfortable knowing Rosendin will continue to push the industry standards.”

Mike F.
Senior Project Manager
Air Force

James served in the United States Marine Corps, serving tours of duty with Third Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group (overseas deployment) and Marine Security Guard Battalion. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal while serving as the Operations Chief at Marine Security Guard Battalion in Quantico, Virginia.

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.” ― Ronald Reagan

James M.
Senior Director IT Cybersecurity & Compliance
Marine Corps

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