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The Right Way to Start a Career

Rosendin’s summer internship program is true to our mission of Building Quality, Building Value, Building People®. Far from errand runners, our interns are given a high level of responsibility across a wide range of projects. They provide meaningful contributions to their teams while learning from the very best in the industry. Internship focus areas include project management, estimating, safety, BIM, finance, and marketing. Each June, we hold Rosendin Intern Week, where interns can network with one another and train with multiple operational and non-operational departments within the company.

Rosendin Intern Week

Each June, Rosendin invites our interns from across the country to spend a week in San Jose, CA for Intern Week.

Internships at Rosendin

“After my first year interning at Rosendin, I knew this was the company I wanted to work for when I graduate and potentially until I retire. The thing that stood out to me the most is how here in the Hawaii district office we are a family. Everyone shares the Aloha spirit and cares for each other, and even though we are an ocean away from the corporate office, it is apparent that we still have their support and are well connected to them. This creates a great working environment. I am excited to come to work and be greeted by my co-workers. I noticed that the people working for Rosendin enjoy it and are satisfied with the company. Multiple people have approached me on different occasions to tell me how great the company is. Everyone’s love for Rosendin is evident in their attitude, dedication, and passion. All the workers that I have interacted with, whether it is my co-workers in the Hawaii office, the HR department, the IT help desk, or the workers in the field have been nothing but kind and helpful. A company that cares about its employees is one worth coming back to.“

Charla J., Civil Engineering
University of Arizona

“I learned a lot about the company in general, about their past and present projects, also what plans they have for the future to innovate. The biggest takeaway was collaborating with all of the interns during the week and making valuable connections with them. We played games and worked on group tasks assigned during some of the presentations like estimating, and electrical design plan sheet inspecting. We also went out to a lot of fun places to golf, bowl, and rock climb.”

Roy G., Mechanical Engineering
San Jose State University

“My day-to-day is taking photos and videos of different job sights, projects, and events. I also get to edit photos and videos that are used for all different purposes.”

Kaitlyn V., Film Production
Grand Canyon University

“I found out about Rosendin’s internship program through my advisor at school, and originally chose it because it felt like a great opportunity to work and gain hands on learning from some of the best in the industry. So far, the best part about my internship has been working alongside my project management team. Not only have they taught me so much about Rosendin, but the construction industry as a whole. I feel Rosendin truly cares about their employees and the customers they work for. I had the privilege to see firsthand how the company handles their tasks the right way in the office and on the job site.”

Luke M.,
Pennsylvannia State University

“This is my third internship, and I can honestly say that it’s the best that I’ve ever had. I am being challenged and empowered to take on more responsibilities every day. My safety department is great, and they have been great mentors. Since day one, working with PM’s Forman and Electricians has been a great experience.”

Blaysen V., Construction Management
California Baptist University

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Former Intern Stories

Recruiting Calendar

Rosendin frequently visits college campuses and industry events across the country to find great interns. Our recruitment teams stay in touch with colleges/universities across the country and adhere to their individual COVID protocols. Some career fairs are still virtual, while others are in person.

Check back soon for an update on our recruiting calendar of upcoming events. In the meantime, please visit our LinkedIn page.

“I went through the Intern Boot Camp at Rosendin’s Headquarters in California in 2015 and there were no more than 15 total interns that attended. At the end of my internship, I went back to school and took a few weeks to think things over, and before the next career fair even started I had already accepted a full-time position with Rosendin as an Assistant Project Manager. As a whole, the company has been awesome so far and I see a lot of things that are headed in the right direction with always looking forward, willingness to change, and at the same time a willingness to change something if there is a better way to do it. Rosendin allows their interns to fit best to the path that they want.

Kevin C.
Project Executive

I started at Rosendin during the 2019 Intern Program and was placed in the Estimating department, and later moved on to be a Marketing Intern. Through these internships, I was able to learn about what a fantastic company Rosendin is. I met so many people who are smart, passionate, and patient. Rosendin’s culture, and the people that create it, is what truly pulled me in and made me want to stay with the company past my internship. I am proud to now be apart of Rosendin as a full-time employee and look forward to all I have to learn.

Haley E.
Marketing Coordinator
Year Started: 2020

Before I started full-time with Rosendin, I interned for two years. My internship helped me to get hands-on experience with writing RFIs, doing submittals, and reading drawings and documentation that we didn’t necessarily cover in class. I decided to stay with Rosendin because I felt like everyone was really trying to help me do better. I have a mentor, and I have someone that gives me goals and expectations to get to the next step.

Shannon H.
Project Manager

The thing I absolutely love about Rosendin is that they care about their people. This was shown to me during my first summer internship and is still very evident as I go through my second-year internship. This experience with Rosendin has been amazing because it immediately immersed me in the electrical construction industry. It has been a pleasure to work alongside the team at Kaiser Permanente in Woodbridge, VA as they have provided me with knowledge that I will carry with me as I progress with this amazing company. I am truly grateful that I could have this experience and I am excited to continue my journey with Rosendin Electric.

Noah H.
Assistant Project Manager
Year Started: 2020

I had the opportunity to work with several other contractors during my college internships, and I value each one of those experiences. The last internship I did was with Rosendin, and I immediately knew that this was going to be where I was going to spend my career. The way Rosendin conducts business and invests in its employees is what sets us apart from other contractors. There are a certain drive and motivation at Rosendin that can be contagious where people are motivated to succeed and constantly improve. At my age, that is the most important thing to me – being constantly motivated and moving forward.

Rob C.
Project Manager