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A Culture of Safety

At Rosendin, we are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, and accident prevention is paramount. Our highly-trained Safety Professionals diligently work to create an Injury, Incident and Impact Free (I-3 Free) environment on every project. This I-3 Free culture permeates our entire organization, as we continuously work to eliminate risk. We place this value above all others and strive to provide our people with the tools, equipment and working conditions that will help them safely and efficiently do their very best work.

Worker showing card

Fall Prevention

Let Rosendin share fall prevention safety tips from OSHA, NECA, AGC, and Construction Safety Week.

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Construction Safety Week

Safety Week is a show of force, an opportunity for people, companies, and even competitors, to work together and celebrate the incredibly hard work by people in our industry who make safety the foundation of everything they do.

Safety at Rosendin begins with passion. Passion for ensuring that our people go home safe each day; for building projects that enhance the lives of people in our communities; and for building a greater tomorrow.”

Marty Rouse, Vice President of Safety
Safety at Rosendin

Quick Facts


Qualified Safety Professionals on staff


Better than average EMR score reinforces our safety culture


2018 AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award, 2018 AGC of America 1st Place and Grand Award

“It is rare to see an operation that is as innovative in matters of employee satisfaction and safety as it is in making a profit. You are a long way ahead of the curve.”

Brian W. Loss / Assistant Clinical Professor - Building Management Department
Purdue University

“ Rosendin was a reliable subcontractor when it came to work and issues that arose in the field. They were definitely responsive and cooperative to our tasks of job site safety, and their ability to plan and foresee potential problems in the field made construction run smoothly. I would recommend Rosendin for future work due to the experience of work done in the field and the overall good presence with our project team.”

Billy Keller / Project Engineer
Charles Pankow Builders

“By extending agency authority to every employee to stop a project in the event of a safety issue you make safety everyone’s business. Your commitment to streamlining the production process by employing BIM to prefabricate assemblies off- site is where the industry must and will go eventually. This type of forward thinking benefits everyone.”

Building & Construction Management Department
Purdue University

“Your crew did an exceptional job laying out the work to be performed; planned and provided the necessary tools to do the work; and performed the work in a safe and professional manner. Rosendin Electric should be very proud of this crew and the integrity and professionalism they brought to perform this task. ”

Greg Stowe / Building Inspector
County of Sacramento

Safety Heroes

Safety is an integral part of the Rosendin DNA. These heroes embody this culture every day.

May 1, 2023 | Safety

Meet Joshua Johnson of Rosendin Electric

Top safety professional, Joshua Johnson, speaks on how communicating safety protocols and expectations for a given project is essential.

April 21, 2023 | Safety

A Hero Among Us

Heroes are Brave. Courageous. Determined. Selfless. Heroes care. Murat Kayali embodies the definition of a HERO.

The Feeder | Q1 2023 Newsletter
February 1, 2023 | Safety

Webinar: Insights Into Construction Safety: How Rosendin Became One of America’s Safest Companies

A EHS Today-hosted webinar sponsored by Avetta & Intelex

EHS Today
August 29, 2022 | Safety

How Contractors Can Beat the Summer Heat

Four ways to keep your workers safe and cool while working in extreme heat.

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May 16, 2022 | Safety

How Safety Programs Empower Employees

With the current workforce shortage, safety in the construction industry is imperative to maintain a healthy staff.


NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence: More than 150,000 (Anaheim)

National Electrical Contractors Association - Orange County

NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement of Zero Injury: More than 150,000 (Anaheim)

National Electrical Contractors Association - Orange County

NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement of Zero Injury: 50,001 – 100,000 (Anaheim)

National Electrical Contractors Association - Orange County

NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence: More than 150,000 (Hillsboro)

National Electrical Contractors Association - Oregon Colombia Chapter

NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence: 50,001 – 100,000 (Anaheim)

National Electrical Contractors Association - Orange County

On August 18, 2020, Rosendin’s team on the Four Seasons Hualalai project was recognized by the general contractor, Hensel Phelps, during the Weekly Safety Stand-Down meeting held every Tuesday with all the subcontractors. Rosendin Foreman, Eric A. was asked to speak to the entire project team about Rosendin’s morning routine on the project. He spoke about stretch and flex, pre-task planning (PTP), the weekly tool box talks, and more. The Rosendin team was presented with a $100.00 Visa Gift Card for our continued effort toward safety and pursuing a safe work environment!

Four Seasons Hualalai Field Team
Kailua-Kona, HI

Whether we’re going through our prequalifications, that we’re actually putting in the budget that it’s going to take a certain level of safety or even putting a full-time safety professional on there. Just making sure that they have the training, tools, material that they need to safely person their tasks.

Tony O.
Director of Regional Safety

During the 2017 Penta Building Groups Annual Safety Kickoff Event, Rosendin was awarded the Subcontractor of the Year Safety Award. Merle P., Jack M., Mitch C., Taylor G., and Patrick L.were recognized for their efforts in safety on the Metropolis Residences. A 60-floor residential tower with 736 rooms, parking, and retail project. This award is given to the contractor who performs every task with exceptional attention to safety by reducing risk, hazard exposure, and is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace to their employees.

Metropolis Residencies Project Team

The Kaiser San Canyon project was awarded the California OSHA Golden Gate Recognition Award on the two-story hospital facility build-out. David C., Jason G., Angelo D., and their project team met the requirements of maintaining an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program and additional required safety and health management systems (i.e., Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Hazard Recognition) as required by the California Code of Regulations, Title 8.

Kaiser San Canyon Project Team

Take the chance. Do not be afraid. Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t let biases take you away from your dream (of a being a woman in construction).”

Erika F.
Director of Regional Safety

Dave S., Crew Foreman on the MD Live Project, and his team were the recipients of the Safe Crew Award for the month of August. This team was selected based on their daily efforts and demonstration of safe workplace practices. This is the second safety award Rosendin has received at the Maryland Live Hotel job site!

Safe Crew Award

The 181 Fremont Street team was recently recognized for demonstrating a continuous commitment to a safe workplace culture and environment. The Rosendin team reached 95,000 man-hours that include highly effective material handlers, experienced journeymen, and mid-level apprentices. All personnel advocate for the highest degree of safety in their workplace and proactively notify appropriate leadership and safety personnel to promptly address issues and provide solutions to the field.

181 Fremont Street Team

“It’s important for me to work safely for my family and friends to make the job a better place. To keep my team safe on the job site, I make sure the Foremen walk around, keep an eye on everything they are doing, and train our people to recognize the hazards that are around them and mitigate those hazards.”

Ro W.
Area Superintendent

John was halfway across the Concourse at an airport terminal job when he recognized activity on the east end that did not look right. A rigger was tied off to a wooden handrail on the loadout pen where they were removing an aerial boom lift with a crane. The rigger was standing on the leading edge approximately 25 feet above the ground. The riggers yo-yo was fully extended and pulling the wood handrail and post to the point of breaking. When John arrived, he held the handrail to keep the rigger from falling over it to a safe position. John then got in touch with the General Contractor’s safety department to inform them about what had happened. Come to find out, the proper tie-off point Yo-Yo had been removed for inspection and had not been returned. John had only been on the project for four months and did what was right to help stop a possible fatal incident.

John G.
Safety Manager

Midmorning on April 5, Rosendin Foremen Murphy M. was at home on his day off when he heard a woman screaming in distress at the front of his house. Murphy opened his front door to see a woman at the front door of his neighbors’ house screaming for help. He noticed the woman was holding a small infant in her arms. At this time, the woman saw Murphy standing just outside his front door and ran over to him screaming for help. Without hesitation, Murphy yelled to his wife to call 911 and grabbed the infant from the woman’s arms. He assessed that the infant was not breathing, was non-responsive, and immediately began CPR on the infant. Murphy continued administering CPR for 7-10 minutes until the first responders arrived on the scene and took over. Murphey’s quick and decisive actions in a life or death situation were attributed to the on-the-job training he received less than a year prior. He was instrumental in saving his neighbor’s infant child’s life.

Murphy M.

Jose G. and his job site crew do an incredible job of exemplifying safety. They have never failed a spot check of a single safety item, including items that are routinely overlooked by most crews. They perform every safety action asked of them without losing a step towards production. Their tasks are planned out, their tools and materials are read, and the crew trained before the beginning each day. There are many who could learn from Jose’s outstanding leadership and his crew’s dedication to safety.

Jose G. and Crew

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