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Technology Innovation

On the Cutting Edge

We take pride in being a driving force in the design and utilization of construction industry technology. From cloud-based computing to mobility applications, and prefabrication techniques to Building Information Modeling (BIM) advancements, we continually leverage innovative solutions to meet our strategic goals, and those of our customers.

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We know that our best and brightest talent thrives on innovation, and we aspire to set the standards. As such, we constantly push our technology partners to provide us with the most innovative solutions

Matt Lamb, Chief Information Officer
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How We Do It

We at Rosendin Electric believe that Innovation is at the core of our continued success as one of the nation’s top privately-held electrical contractors. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of electrical technology from our in-house engineering and training, to new installation methods; Building Information Modeling (BIM), Network Services, Renewable Energy, and 24/7 Emergency Response.

We only utilize the most proven and effective technologies to build out our solutions. These providers help us deliver our ongoing commitment to innovation.

Autodesk is the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction ( AEC) industry's partner in the future of building, moving the industry toward more automated and collaborative ways of working. For decades, Autodesk 's Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions have been a key ingredient in creating the world's building and infrastructure communities.

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a robust portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, the industry’s largest builders network and predictive insights to connect team and data throughout the entire building lifecycle. Connecting with Autodesk’s established design authoring tools, the Autodesk Construction Cloud brings headquarters, office, and field teams together to increase collaboration and productivity.

The largest real-time construction network that connects owners and builders through an easy-to-use platform to streamline the bid and risk management process.

ICɅRUS Ops™ is a software and consulting company founded by human reliability experts. Our passion is to reduce error rates and the – often monetary – effect of the inevitable error within the system. In other words, we make you safer and improve your bottom line!
Harnessing best practices used in commercial aviation, nuclear power and the military, we enable your organization to reduce human error in routine and mission-critical operations. We utilize our proprietary interactive checklist software in combination with standardized procedures to trap errors while increasing overall compliance and performance.

The Oracle Cloud offers a complete suite of integrated applications for Sales, Service, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, plus Highly Automated and Secure Generation 2 Infrastructure featuring the Oracle Autonomous Database.

PlanGrid is construction productivity software. The platform provides real-time updates and seamless file synchronization over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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