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Tech Articles | April 1, 2022

Big Data Yields Big Solutions

An Interview with Rosendin's Jad Chalhoub, Director of Analytics, and Jose Samaniego, Senior Developer Field Applications

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There is no question that Rosendin is filled with talented individuals and groups. Like most well-oiled machines, each department and division has a goal in mind to keep things running smoothly. One such talented group is the recently formed Technology and Analytics Department.

The 25-member team has accomplished a lot in a short time, including the Sheetviewer, Fieldviewer, Object Exporter for Navisworks, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Project Surveyor, and Rosendin Project Management (RPM) database.

Originally part of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Department, the Technology and Analytics Department presented itself through various projects that needed to make it to the finish line. One such project led by Jose Samaniego, Senior Developer Field Applications, and Edmundo Cruz, Senior Software Development Manager, tasked two outside companies with developing a one-stop solution application. The first company successfully developed a user interface but failed to present sufficient data. The second company got the data correct but failed regarding the User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI). The two companies could not provide a proper application. So, as the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Together, Samaniego and Cruz worked on creating a one stop solution for data with the proper UX/UI interface.


In addition, the Technology & Analytics team has been working on 15 corporate-wide initiatives with Artificial Intelligence (AI) components, two of which are projected to roll out by Summer 2023. The use of AI is not to have the computers take over but to help make work a little easier.

Speaking with Jad Chalhoub, Director of Analytics, he explained that the analytics side of the department is all about uncovering inside knowledge throughout the company and presenting the information in a way that any team member can understand and utilize effectively.

Chalhoub continued, “Anything that is logged or has data can be extracted and be of use.

“A crucial part of the analytic team involves breaking down the silos between departments.”

“Information from one department may not say much on its’ own; however, compared to data taken from a different department, there may be trends resulting from the combined information and data. That is a goal of the analytics team. “We seek out problems to create solutions and help connect data points that may not initially be seen as valuable.”

Those who understand the value of analytics know that some of the team’s findings may not seem groundbreaking to everyone. Still, for the team, each discovery is helpful because it helps improve someone’s workflow or solve a problem, which could be groundbreaking for that individual.

By data-mining all the information that Rosendin gathers, the Analytics Team can quantify various solutions. One such example was to find a solution to determine the number of supervisors needed on a job. The Analytics Team took out the guesswork and created a way for teams to get a reliable number for how many supervisors would be required per field employee.

In addition to the previously mentioned projects, such as Sheetviewer and Fieldviewer, the Analytics Team supports other teams at Rosendin by creating software add-ins such as Excel macros and 3D printing for various objects, including prototypes. These unique capabilities are a great internal resource, help solve problems, and make everyday motions more efficient for everyone.

If there is a macro that would help streamline workflow, the Technology and Analytics Department is the team that can help. Have an issue with an application? Need an add-in that will help with organization and communication? That’s this team’s language, and they work hard to keep communication active to ensure everything runs smoothly. By monitoring what is being used or what isn’t, the team takes data and improves workflow further, saving all of us from a lot of headaches.

As mentioned, the Technology and Analytics team has developed a top-notch skill set regarding 3D printing items such as prefab mounts and new connections prototypes for employees to test for projects. This eliminates the guesswork and a person as the physical piece to hold and put in place where needed.

This team is growing fast and making enormous strides. To think, only two years ago, there were a few individuals trying to solve a problem and harness data. The team has even developed to utilize technology such as drones for surveying solar projects, with three team members receiving their FAA Part 107 pilot licenses. There’s no saying how far they’ll go, but the possibilities are endless.


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