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Rosendin Rosendin

Why Rosendin

For the People...For over a Century

Established in 1919, Rosendin prides itself in building quality electrical and communications installations, and bringing value to our clients. We take great pride in building-up the people within our company and the communities where we work and live. We foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and shared ownership, as the largest employee-owned company in our industry. Our customers lead some of the most complex construction projects in the nation and continually come to us for our expert knowledge, scalability, quality, and innovation. Most importantly, our customers turn to us for partnership – because they deserve a team as committed, connected and engaged as they are. Your success is our success.

Quick Facts


The annual revenue of Rosendin projects completed nationwide


Number of Rosendin offices nationwide


Total number of Rosendin team members employed in our 18 U.S. offices


Number of years that our employee-ownership program has been in place


Number of years in business

Core Differentiators


Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction creates strategic and collaborative relationships that last

Our People

We hire, nurture and retain top talent at every level, and motivate our entire team with a true spirit of ownership

Technology Innovation

We continually identify and utilize new technologies that drive results for our clients and partners


We are always honest and true to our word...period


We have expert knowledge and extensive resources, but are always looking for new and better ways to build and execute


We believe in collaboration at all levels, and foster open environments that improve communication, execution and results

“I found the staff at Rosendin to be exceptional at thinking ahead for project installation and electrical phasing/implementation. The staff’s ability to plan for equipment delivery, installation and phasing far exceeded my expectations for firms with similar backgrounds. I am impressed with the team Rosendin selected for this project.”

Karen Long
Grumman/Butkus Associates

“I would recommend Rosendin Electric in any size project. The integrity of their staff is unmatched and they will provide quality and professionalism to any project that they undertake. ”

Wayne Fiare / VP of Development and Construction
Westgate Resorts

“The Rosendin Team on the project is professional, experienced, has good rapport in general internally and externally. The team did a great job with the Make Ready Schedule and adapting to a changing environment in the field due to owner changes.”

Anthony Comelo

“ I appreciate your honest and open sharing of electrical knowledge as a resource to me because that makes my job more manageable. I also appreciate being able to call you at the first sign of trouble and know we will get a immediate response to any issue.”

Richard Johans / Project Manager

“Rosendin was by far the strongest subcontractor on a very logistically complicated project that had an owner with very high expectations when it came to quality, communication, and professionalism. There were times where the project schedule became a concern for Rosendin, but ultimately we were able to work through the issues and finish the project with minimal impact to either party.”

Ephraim Bahiru- Senior Project Manager
McCarthy Building Companies Inc.