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24/7 Emergency Response

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Emergency Response

More than ongoing service and maintenance, Rosendin Electric offers you 24/7 Emergency Response, 365 days a year. If you have an after-hours emergency and require a Rosendin Electric electrician at your facility, select your area below and contact us immediately.

For non-emergency service and maintenance response for your facility, please contact us.

Area Phone Number
California - San Jose Bay Area 1.408.994.0000
California - Greater San Francisco Bay Area 1.415.850.2289
California - Southern 1.844.473.4782
Arizona - Greater Phoenix Metro Area 1.480.340.2203
Maryland and Surrounding Areas 1.410.787.8374
Nevada - Las Vegas 1.702.208.4371
Oregon and Washington 1.503.615.8189
Texas - Central Texas 1.844.622.5573
Virginia and Surrounding Areas 1.703.707.8200

Low Voltage Emergency Response

Area Phone Number
California - San Jose/Silicon Valley 1.408.589.5353
California - Southern 1.844.473.4782

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