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Renewable Energy

Building the Next Generation of Energy

Renewable energy is integral to the future of power generation. Over the past fifteen years, Rosendin has helped our clients harness and deliver nearly 32 GW of clean, renewable energy. Our dedicated Rosendin Renewable Energy Group engages clients early in the project development phase to impart critical constructability, system performance, and service consideration information prior to the final design. They have provided extensive design-build expertise and turnkey EPC capabilities to over 330 projects in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam, ranging from 500 KW to 720+ MW. Our services include project feasibility and energy performance analysis, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance.

Read about the projects in our Renewable Energy portfolio.

Project Types

  • Utility-Scale Solar
  • Distributed Generation Solar
  • Wind Generation Projects
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Projects Currently Under Construction

March 2024

Rosamond Central BESS

Rosamond, CA
April 2024

Cottonwood Solar

Brazoria, TX
August 2024

Scarlett II BESS

150MW/600MWh BESS AC Coupled
Cantua Creek, CA
May 2024

Condor BESS

Riverside, CA
September 2024

Moorpark USD

2.2MW DC Solar Canopy Across 10 Sites
Moorpark, CA
December 2025

Sonrisa Solar PV and BESS

299MW DC with 250MWh DC Coupled with BESS
Cantua Creek, CA
March 2024

Danish Fields PV Power Plant

721MW DC Solar Plant with 225MWh BESS
Danevang, TX
solar farm in desert

Solar Power

Rosendin’s experience and unique capabilities allow us to take on challenging solar PV projects in a variety of different locations and environments ranging from commercial, hospitals, schools, universities, and government facilities to utility-grade solar farms. Project sizes range from 500 KW to more than 720 MW systems utilizing the best applicable Crystalline Silicon or Thinfilm photovoltaic technology in any mix of rooftop, canopy, ground mount, or single-axis tracker. Rosendin has established itself as a leading EPC builder of mid- to large-scale solar photovoltaic systems throughout the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
With over 5 GW of project installation experience to date, more than 2 GW currently under construction, and over 6 GW in various stages of development, Rosendin brings turnkey expertise and EPC capabilities to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to our customers.

Photovoltaic Services

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Energy Performance Analysis
battery storage for solar and wind farms

Wind Energy

Rosendin recognizes that renewable energy is an integral part of the future of power generation. Over the last decade, we’ve installed the capacity to harness more than 32 GW of clean, renewable energy. This includes a portfolio of nearly 145 wind energy projects throughout the United States and Canada, ranging in size from 1 MW to more than 800 MW. Rosendin is committed to “Building Green” and is an industry leader in constructing electrical systems for wind projects throughout the United States. Our experienced management staff, field supervision, and craftsmen, as well as our commitment to safety, quality, and on-time performance, provide plant owners an unparalleled source for electrical
construction services.

With over 27 GW of wind project experience and 150+ substations installed to date, Rosendin brings turnkey expertise and EPC
capabilities to develop the most efficient and cost-effective wind solutions for our customers.

Turn-Key Services

  • Design-Build Construction
  • Turbine Wiring
  • Substations & Switchyards
  • Vertical Tower Wiring
  • Overhead Collection System
  • Underground Collection
  • Transmission Lines
  • Fiber Optic SCADA Networks
  • Substation SCADA Design & Communications Integration
  • System Power Factor Correction, Upgrades & Modifications
battery storage for solar and wind farms

Battery Storage

Energy Storage Systems will play a critical role in assuring sustainable growth for the renewable energy industry over the next 10 years. Given the destabilizing impact cumulative solar and wind projects have had on regional transmission and grid networks, ESS provides the power ramping support, frequency regulation, curtailment de-risk, and back-up power necessary to mitigate continued renewable energy grid integration challenges. Rosendin has been installing Battery Energy Storage Systems for many clients across multiple different market applications for decades. Given our leadership position in the renewable energy industry, the company is now leveraging its long-standing BESS experience and expertise to provide best in class BESS integration services in conjunction with its Solar and Wind Utility-scale offerings. Rosendin’s energy storage solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the customer while maintaining the quality and safety Rosendin has been known for since 1919.

BESS Solution Provided

  • Peak Shaving
  • Demand Response
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Frequency Control
  • Renewable Integration
  • Voltage Correction
  • Reliability & Grid Stability
  • Volt/Var Support
  • Power Quality
  • Microgrid Support

Quick Facts


Number of Utility Solar projects completed

5+ GW

of Solar Generation installed to date

1.3 GWh

Total Gigawatt Hours of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) installed


Number of Wind Generation projects completed

27+ GW

of Wind Generation installed to date




Number of DG Solar projects completed

Featured Project

Aktina Renewable Power Project

Location: Wharton County, TX

Rosendin partnered with Tokyo Gas America, Ltd. (TGA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s largest provider of city gas, Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd. (Tokyo Gas) to construct this 500MWac/631MWdc solar installation.

Project Stats
1.4 Million
Solar Modules
Solar Installation

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NECA 2023 Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence: More than 150,000 (Anaheim)

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