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Articles | April 21, 2023

Communities Benefit From Renewable Energy

Over the past fourteen years, Rosendin has helped our clients harness and deliver nearly 32 GW of clean, renewable energy generated by wind and solar technologies.

The Feeder | Q1 2023 Newsletter

By Duncan Frederick, VP of Business Development

The Rosendin Renewable Energy Group (RREG) was formed in 2009, when renewable energy was far less widespread in terms of availability and consumption. Over the past fourteen years, Rosendin has helped our clients harness and deliver nearly 32 GW of clean, renewable energy generated by wind and solar technologies.

Since 2012, RREG has functioned as a utility-scale solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor and has installed over 6 GW worth of large-scale solar and battery storage farms across the United States. RREG’s projects range from 500 KW to more than 720 MW and utilize various rooftop, canopy, and ground-mount technologies. RREG has provided extensive design-build expertise and turnkey EPC capabilities to over 330 projects in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam. The group also provides in-house full-service design-build solutions for medium voltage collection systems, turnkey power substations, long haul transmission installations, and battery energy storage for all types of renewable energy projects nationwide.

In the past three years alone (2020-2022), RREG has installed over 3,000 MW combined in California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

This performance helped Rosendin rank in the country’s top 5 utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) EPCs and as the number one PV+ Storage EPC nationwide on Solar Power World’s 2022 Top Solar Contractors list. Rosendin also significantly impacted two of its target market states, California and Nevada, ranking as the top utility-scale PV installer for 2022.

What all these capabilities and experiences mean to our communities can be described through real numbers that have a tremendous impact on our environment, health, and wallets. In particular, the 3,000 MW installed since 2020 produced $250 million in direct community investments. When a Rosendin team begins building, the local community sees enormous financial gains from investment in local housing, patronizing local businesses and restaurants, and utilizing local subcontractors to work on the site rather than outsourcing.

Rosendin’s mission is to build quality, build value, and build people. This statement is taken to heart by our employees, so when a Rosendin team comes to town, you can expect to see them getting involved in the community through volunteerism. Beyond what the people of Rosendin can provide, it is also important to note our work’s other output: helping the environment. The power generated from that 3,000 MW is equivalent to powering over 500,000 homes in one year. It also offsets the carbon output of 6.6 trillion miles driven by an average gasoline powered car. Overall, Rosendin strives to be the number one choice for our clients, community, and the planet. 

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