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Tech Articles | April 21, 2023

Technology & Analytics Supporting Rosendin’s Growth & Innovation

The Technology Department is excited to share some updates on Rosendin's growth and innovation in the industry.

The Feeder | Q1 2023 Newsletter

By Jad Chalhoub, PhD, Director of Business Analytics

The Technology Department is excited to share some updates on Rosendin’s growth and innovation in the industry. As Rosendin takes on more complex projects, our operations teams continuously seek out new tools and processes to help teams collect and understand data.

The Technology & Analytics (T&A) team has been instrumental in creating these tools and providing analytics to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

One such group within T&A is the Field Applications team, which is dedicated to streamlining our field work and providing point-of-use access to information. The team has created Augmented Reality (AR) applications, such as the Field Viewer and Sheet Viewer, allowing users to visualize a 3D model while in the field. Since its release, these applications have been exported over 1,300 times. Recently, the team released version 2.0 of the Field Viewer and Sheet Viewer, enhancing their functionality and user interface. These tools will soon be used for QA/QC as well.

OpenSpace is another tool being implemented company-wide. This tool allows the user to capture 360-degree video of the job site by simply walking around, similar to Google Street View. The program automatically attaches the videos to project plans, to view the progress of a specific area over time. OpenSpace is now deployed on 70 projects nationwide, with over 10,000 videos and thousands of hours captured. For large projects such as solar fields, Rosendin has developed the Rosendin Drone Program. This program and the accompanying Flight Logger app allow the user to fly a drone over a solar field, log the flight, and automatically capture panel installation information and heat signals. The content gathered ensures our teams are delivering the quality experience our clients associate with our brand. The program is currently being piloted on two projects, with more on the way.

Information access extends beyond the field and into the office. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) team is introducing another layer of formal quality checks to ensure quality is maintained at various project milestones. Since its introduction in January, more than 45 models have been through the QA/QC process, with more being added daily. The BIM team has also worked with IT and T&A to create tools enabling BIM financial and productivity tracking. BIM productivity data is entered into an Oracle module that closely mimics our standard productivity module, and an analytics dashboard provides an overview of the data. In turn, managers quickly understand the performance of all the projects they are managing and focus their attention on projects that need it the most. This collaboration has increased financial literacy in the BIM department and with operational project management.

Throughout all our innovations, T&A plays a pivotal role in explaining the collected data, informing future data collection practices, defining ROI metrics, and supporting efforts.

In 2022, the T&A team had a central role in the company-wide safety analytics, which helped inform our 2023 safety roadmap.

T&A continues to work with projects, divisions, and departments throughout Rosendin to leverage data and help make informed decisions. The team is now focusing on creating Rosendin’s Data Lake, which will aggregate all our data sources in a single location, act as a single source of truth, and streamline and accelerate our path to insights.

As Rosendin continues to grow, our support teams are dedicated to ensuring we are at the industry’s leading edge of technology and innovation adoption. Our teams strive to provide value and optimizations, from our leading AR and drone tools to our enhanced quality-checking processes to our informative analytics. We look forward to sharing our progress and collaborating on bringing new and innovative ideas to everyone at Rosendin.

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