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Construction Safety Week 2023

Strong Voices, Safe Choices

Rosendin is proud to be a sponsor of Construction Safety Week.

Working safely is the most important thing we do because everyone needs to go home to their friends and families every day. All of us play an integral role in building a strong safety culture and providing a safe place to work. Supervision sets the tone for safety on the project by setting standards, implementing programs, and fostering a safety culture. Craftworkers are the front line of keeping our team and environment safe by observing their surroundings, following the plan to install work, and speaking up when something isn’t right.

Strong Voices, Safe Choices

The more we stay connected and committed, the more we can show up fully to support one another. And the more we feel supported, the more safe choices we make and the better work we deliver, leading to safer selves, safer teams, and safer job sites.

Monday, May 1 – Engagement

Working together, we can build a supportive culture where everyone’s voice matters. By encouraging open communication, we create an environment where people feel safe to speak up, we learn more about what is happening on the job, and employees can bring their whole selves to work without fear.

Watch Rosendin’s Shayne Stevens, Sr. Corporate Safety Director, David Elkins, Sr. VP Field Operations, and John Loukusa, General Superintendent, demonstrate how we can all engage with new employees to share the unique challenges and safety risks in our work environment.

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Tuesday, May 2 – Risk Identification

It comes as no surprise that construction is considered a high-risk industry. We don’t need to regurgitate OSHA statistics to understand this; we can look around us anytime and see heavy crane loads, fall hazards, excavations, electrical risks, and more. However, even in this high-risk industry, our talented crews and teams work millions, even billions, of hours every year without injury. How is it that we accomplish such an impressive feat?

Take a safety walk with Rosendin Safety Manager Mike Hiu on a project site in Hawaii as he goes through the process of identifying and mitigating risks. Hear how he empowers project teams to always keep safety first by providing necessary training and holding each person accountable for each other’s safety.

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Strong Voices, Safe Choices

To ensure holistic safety, we must make every aspect of our well-being part of our safety cultures and programs by staying alert, observant, and always having each other’s backs. Together, physical and mental safety plays an essential role in our relationships with one another and improves our ability to bring our safest, most productive, best selves to work every day.

Wednesday, May 3 – Mental Health & Well-Being

Mental health is not approached easily in the construction industry. Your involvement and encouraging others to raise their voice can positively change the course of someone’s life and includes more than being aware of how people are treated on and off the job site or in the office. Feeling safe psychologically is all part of the thoughts and ideas in those brains of ours.

Watch Erika Fry, Regional Safety Director, discuss the resources available to Rosendin’s craftworkers and office employees. Our Craft Empowerment Program (CEP), Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are just a few of the tools Rosendin has in place to support mental health. But, the most effective one can be a simple check-in with your colleagues to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported.

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Thursday, May 4 – Continue Learning (Demonstration Day)

The construction industry is filled with people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. How do we unite and collaborate so our strong voices help us make safe choices? Sharing lessons learned on innovations to a common issue or streamlining a task to make it safer and more efficient will allow us to continually learn and improve our overall safety.

Did you know your hardhat has an expiration date? Construction workers sustain more traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) than employees at any other type of workplace in the U.S. TBIs represent one-quarter of all construction fatalities, and more than half of fatal work-related traumatic injuries are a result of falls. Watch as Jorge Tec in Rosendin’s Prefab, talks about the importance of hardhats and why they should be replaced before the expiration date.

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Strong Voices, Safe Choices

Rosendin’s commitment to safety through meaningful action and permanent solutions is rooted in our core values: We Care. We Share. We Listen. We Innovate. We Excel.

Friday, May 5 – Take Action and Thank You!

We all have a voice in safety. There is nothing we do that is worth risking our lives or the lives of our fellow team members. Empowering our craft to raise their concerns AND act goes beyond simply talking about it at Monday toolbox meetings. It’s allowing everyone to use their voices to make SAFE CHOICES. We must give our team members the resources to speak strongly without hesitation, but we also need to have systems in place to empower them and offer them the ability to act and provide creative solutions.

When there’s trust, respect, and communication, we are all empowered to own and act on safety. Working together creates more opportunities to improve the safety culture on a project, strengthen our connections, and break the patterns that lead to bad decisions. Speak up and use your own STRONG VOICE to help everyone make SAFE CHOICES.

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If you are interested in showing your commitment to stand up against discrimination, harassment, and bullying, we invite you to visit and sign Rosendin’s Culture of Care pledge.

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