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Safety | April 21, 2023

A Hero Among Us

Heroes are Brave. Courageous. Determined. Selfless. Heroes care. Murat Kayali embodies the definition of a HERO.

The Feeder | Q1 2023 Newsletter

The dictionary defines “hero” as “a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities.” Characteristics include bravery, courage, determination, moral integrity, humility, and caring. But what actions make a person a hero? A hero is selfless, willing to risk their own life and put the needs of others before themselves. A hero protects.

Murat Kayali embodies the definition of a HERO.

When news broke that there was a devastating earthquake in his hometown Antioch in Turkey where thousands of people were trapped and dying, including his family members, Murat immediately booked a flight home to volunteer to help.

Upon his arrival, the horror he witnessed was complete devastation and chaos. Being the selfless person he is known to be, Murat immediately jumped into action, crawling in and out of dangerous and unstable rubble, including tight spaces where he could barely breathe, repeatedly risking his own life. He continued pulling out as many people as he could, so they could be transported to a safe location or for a proper burial. Murat’s days were filled with the voices of people screaming in agony, the smell of death, and the horrific scene and devastation to victims of all ages. Yet, he continued searching, day after day, with little to no sleep, surviving on crackers, bread, and water.

Rosendin Hero, Murat Kayali

On a particular search, Murat heard the faint sounds of a woman and her children crying. After hours of crawling, he finally reached the woman to discover she was trapped by a large beam; her arms and legs were crushed. When she saw Murat, she asked him, “Please save my children first!” Murat immediately crawled out to find someone to help him and found another crew with a small jack, just enough to lift the beam to rescue the children. As the children passed through the shaft and handed them to the rescue team, the beam collapsed on the woman, crushing her before they could rescue her and rendering Murat unconscious. Sometime later, by a sure miracle, Murat crawled out to safety. The rescue team had believed Murat was killed by the fall and were shocked and briefly celebrated when he surfaced. The celebration was short lived as Murat, and the others quickly went back to work.

The sleepless and agonizing days Murat faced also included deep mourning as he helped to pull over 20 of his family members out of the rubble who did not survive.

Heroes are Brave. Courageous. Determined. Selfless. Heroes care.

Murat embodies all of the qualities of a true hero. Without delay, Murat left the safety of his home in the U.S. and got on a plane without comprehending the actual destruction of the community he grew up in. Murat risked his health and mental stability to help others in need.

If the world could have just a tiny piece of Murat’s selflessness, what a better place this world would be for everyone. Words cannot express the gratitude Rosendin has for Murat. He embodies what we strive to be as a company – to lead, inspire, and care. Thank you, Murat, for being a true hero and returning home safely to your wife and daughter. In the end, it is not just our words but our actions in crucial times that define us. 


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