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Rosendin Rosendin

Yuma, AZ

Arizona Western College

Project Summary

The Arizona Western College project is truly unique. It consists of five (5) 1-megawatt arrays, utilizing five (5) separate solar panel technologies, at five different locations across the campus to meet 100% of the college’s daytime power needs. According to Guinness World Records, Yuma is the sunniest place on earth, making it the perfect place to use Low and High Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells (LC CPV & HC CPV) both of which need unrestricted direct sunlight. The other panel technologies were used for their economic and power efficiencies and to take advantage of the different environments available on campus to harvest solar energy. Thinfilm, MonoPV and PolyPV panels perform better in low light or partial shading and can handle the extreme heat of the area, ensuring that the college has the power it needs during any weather condition.

Arizona Western College

Combination of solar panel technologies meets 100% daytime power needs of college.

Yuma, AZ
Arizona Western College
General Contractor
Main Street Power Company
80 Months
5 MW

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