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Safety | September 13, 2021

The Importance of Trauma Informed Management​ ®

Millions of Americans are impacted by trauma throughout their lifetime. The impact of trauma can also be complex, with its lingering effects years later, presenting challenges for adults in the workforce, employers, and co-workers. Trauma Informed Management ® presents a holistic, evidenced-based overview of how trauma shows up, what managers and employers can do to better support their talent, and the numerous healing methods available that should be considered under your company's employee benefits plan and EAP.

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​Cristina Pulido, Business Development Coordinator from Rosendin Electric recently received her training and we had the pleasure of catching up and discussing why this training was so incredibly important to her work. ​ 1. What problems were you trying to solve with attending the Trauma-Informed Management ® Virtual Workshop?

​I gravitated to the Trauma-Informed Management Virtual Workshop because I understand that anyone who has experienced a traumatic event varies. Our resiliency factor differs due to our distinct family dynamics. I’m passionate about destigmatizing the negative connotations surrounding Trauma and Mental Health and think it is phenomenal for AGC to spread this awareness.

2. How has the information from the Trauma-Informed Management ® Virtual Workshop helped solve those problems?

The most significant step towards resolution is recognizing Trauma is a problem, and it can play out in different forms for everyone.

3. What have you been able to achieve (or plan to achieve) since participating in the Trauma-Informed Management ® Virtual Workshop?

One of the biggest takeaways I’ve ingrained from the psychology program I completed, “I cannot take a client where I have not been.” With that being said, I would like to transition into a job site position to learn the needs of employees experiencing any form of Trauma triggered at a job site. Similarly, how an employee will Pre-Task Plan at a Jobsite, I’d like to analyze the needs, introduce and implement the humanistic factors to expand the safe space to bridge the mental health gap.

4.What is the main reason you recommend Trauma-Informed Management ® Virtual Workshop?

The plethora of resources, statistics, and studies re-affirm that there is work to do in the Construction Industry. From personal experience, I believe there is a humanistic factor missing from the current resources available. An employee would feel more comfortable sharing and seeking help if a neutral party provided awareness and psychoeducation of benefits that could address their Trauma/Mental Health needs instead of fearing reprisal for recognizing or expressing vulnerability.

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