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Articles | July 31, 2023

Specialized. Integrated. Secure.

Rosendin teams nationwide provide special systems services for various facility types in commercial, industrial, and municipal environments.

The Feeder | Q2 2023 Newsletter
Century Plaza Los Angeles

By Dustin Cognetti, Operations Manager, and Luke Fenner, Division Manager

Rosendin’s Special Systems Services Group was established more than 15 years ago in the Bay Area when special systems were more basic: structured cabling, fiber optics, security, and camera systems. Since then, the technology and the designs have grown more sophisticated and complex, as have Rosendin’s capabilities. Rosendin teams nationwide provide special systems services for various facility types in commercial, industrial, and municipal environments. But what are special systems, and why does Rosendin need a group dedicated to this service?

Special Systems include a broad number of systems. They are the result of a project coming online with all systems communicating with each other: electrical, lighting, BMS, cameras, security, life safety, fiber optics, networks, and structured cabling.

Together, these systems allow the building to be smart and communicate with each other. Before, they were treated as more of an afterthought once the MEP was done, but these are systems that really matter. Today, Special Systems are integrated with MEP. MEPSS is the 4th utility which includes all of the special systems identified above. In the past, things worked linearly – plumbing was plumbing, electrical was electrical. But today, the facilities we construct require all these systems to work together. This calls for coordination among the trades.
Rosendin’s highly skilled team of designers and engineers has expertise in integrated technology systems. These designers and engineers work with stakeholders throughout the process, beginning with understanding the project needs and developing and incorporating world-class solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs while delivering the lowest installed cost with the highest quality.

Rosendin’s Special Systems Group excels on design-build projects because designers have more control over the system, providing the customer with a single design solution integrating data, sound, comms, and electrical.

Here, Rosendin’s team can also control costs, help customers with budgets, and give cost updates as design changes. Designers can design to the customer’s budget and needs, eliminating the chance of overdesigning the systems. The design-build process also removes the back and forth of designing and bidding, which helps speed things up and reduces time and money.
Rosendin’s teams are working with our partners to design networks that are the superhighways for all these systems. Fiber optic pipelines are getting bigger thanks to investments from companies like Google, AT&T, etc. While designing these networks, our teams are also building specification libraries and detail libraries that can be used repeatedly, allowing our installers to look at them and build them precisely to specs.
Rosendin Special Systems Group currently has 12 dedicated designers. However, as Rosendin grows and expands to support markets across the country, we foresee significant growth opportunities for the Special Systems Group, particularly in the East region and Texas. It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of Rosendin and the Special Systems Group as we continue to support our partnerships with BART, CalTrans, and Texas Instruments. With projects underway at major airports such as San Diego International Airport and the T1C Project at San Francisco International Airport, Rosendin’s teams are busier than ever.

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