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Awards | June 5, 2023

Rosendin Wins Viddy Gold Award for “You Belong Here” Campaign

Rosendin's marketing team wins gold for the "You Belong Here" campaign that demonstrates that every individual can have a successful career in construction.

Viddy Awards
2023 Gold Viddy Award

You Belong Here Recruitment Campaign

Client: Rosendin

Category: Non-Broadcast | Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes | 130. Recruitment

About Project

Electrical contractor, Rosendin, had a need to hire upwards of 500 electricians for several jobsites in the Phoenix Metro Area by end of year 2022. In September of 2021, Rosendin’s marketing team began creating the “You Belong Here” campaign to demonstrate that every individual can have a successful career in construction.
Our goal was to change perceptions and drive as many people as we could to fill out applications to fill all 500 open positions. This was incredibly challenging as many people don’t know anything about the construction industry and hiring 500 was a blue-sky goal. To help people understand anyone can work in construction, we developed our campaign to include several videos of current employees in their professional and personal lives. We are proud to submit our favorite video from this series which told the story about one of Rosendin’s safety trainers who had a rich personal life as a Scuba instructor in Arizona.

This video was part of Rosendin’s strategic $330K marketing campaign that included videos, social posts and digital recruiting billboards along the highways in Arizona to demonstrate Rosendin has a place for everyone.
We started by refining the target market in Arizona and the Southwest. We then scheduled time to narrow the list of the company’s 8,000 employees to those in the region and conducted pre-interviews to identify the best candidates.
The research for this specific video also included learning basic knowledge about Scuba diving and coordinating one of the video shoots with multiple Scuba divers to ensure Drew’s safety in the water. We also had to schedule time to interview our subject in multiple locations, convert our subject’s personal videos and photos, select music, build graphics, and write and edit the story.

To show Rosendin is much more than a construction company, we selected our subject, Drew, to show a wide range of people who belong in the industry. We pre-interviewed him to learn his story, then created a list of video shoot locations, developed interview questions, scheduled multiple video shoots, established timelines for writing, editing, graphics, and developed a schedule to post across social media channels. Drew’s story was one of our favorite videos as it showed him in both his work life as an Onboarding Field Safety Trainer in Arizona and his personal life as a Certified Open Water Scuba Instructor.
One of the video shoots was completed at Rosendin’s Arizona office, where Drew was training a class. Another interview was conducted near and on an Arizona lake, using plenty of natural sound and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery to demonstrate his adventures as a Scuba diver.
Our storytelling techniques for the video started with a short compilation that compared his preparation techniques on the job with his preparation techniques as a Scuba diver. We used natural sound and soundbites from our subject describing what he does to help others learn best practices both on a construction site and in a body of water.
We transitioned to a different soundtrack to reset the tone of the story to focus on his love for Scuba diving, including his surprise underwater engagement captured with stunning video and photos.

We succeeded in this campaign at all levels. Together, the short and long form version of this story was seen over 119,000 times on our YouTube and Facebook channels. The video was one of several in the You Belong Here campaign that supported digital billboards, Facebook and Google advertising, and geofencing around two major events in the Phoenix area – the Barrett Jackson Car Auction and The Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament.
At the end of 2022, Rosendin had received a staggering 5,800 applications and hired over 500 electricians who came to them from the campaign. The success gained from the Arizona campaign was also implemented in Nashville, TN, where after one month, they had enough electricians to fill the needed job.


• Rob McJannet
• Samantha Peck
• Michael Mozingo
• Samantha Angiulo
• Christina Fisher
• Haley Earhart
• Amy Garcia
• JoAnn Cruz
• Laura Alloway
• Crystal Menjivar
• Salina Brown

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About Rosendin

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Rosendin is employee-owned and one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States, employing over 7,500 people, with revenues averaging $2 billion. Established in 1919, Rosendin remains proud of our more than 100 years of building quality electrical and communications installations and value for our clients but, most importantly, for building people within our company and our communities. Our customers lead some of the most complex construction projects in history and rely on us for our knowledge, our ability to scale, and our dedication to quality. At Rosendin, we work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential by building a culture that is diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive.

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