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Awards | June 5, 2023

Rosendin Wins Viddy Gold Award for Women in Construction Campaign

Rosendin's Marketing team wins gold for developing a social media video campaign that showcased a diverse group of women who work across many specialties in electrical construction.

Viddy Awards
2023 Gold Viddy Award

Women in Construction

Category: Non-Broadcast | Social Media Videos | 403c. Social Video Campaign

About Project

At Rosendin, we have seen an upwards shift in women entering the construction field and taking on leadership roles in the office and on construction sites. But throughout the construction industry, women only make up between 11-16% of employees.
To change perceptions and demonstrate that every individual can have a successful career in construction, Rosendin’s Marketing team developed a social media video campaign that showcased a diverse group of women who work across many specialties in electrical construction. We highlighted these amazing women who are making a difference at work and in their communities while raising young children and balancing work and personal life. These women come from diverse backgrounds and show up as their authentic selves no matter where they are. They are inspirations to young girls everywhere that women do belong in construction as seen in Rosendin’s Women in Construction campaign.
Our video campaign was highly successful on social media and has earned internal and external recognition.

Rosendin’s Marketing team began planning for this campaign in late 2022 to launch during International Women’s Month in March 2023, which coincides with Women in Construction Week, which runs the first week of March. Our objective was to raise awareness of women in the construction industry by sharing their full stories on social media platforms to reach a wide audience, promote Rosendin’s support of women in the construction industry, and provide recommendations for other construction companies to develop more inclusive cultures.

We started by creating a list of women in the company who had rich stories that would help us engage with our audiences. With 8,000 employees and approximately 21% of those being women, this process was challenging but essential to creating powerful stories. We identified those employees who were willing to share their stories both on the job and at home, pre-interviewed them to plan our stories, and developed a travel schedule for the marketing team. In addition to shooting videos of the women at work, we also needed to interview them at home, and together for a roundtable, which took extra planning and preparation.

To accomplish our objectives, we focused on identifying the best stories that we could videotape and edit in the tight timeline to ensure they were completed by March 2023. This included a team effort to schedule time for writing, videotaping, and editing five highly produced videos about women in different cities, as well as a formal roundtable video that brought four women together in one setting.

To demonstrate the diversity of Rosendin’s employees, our videos profiled on four unique women who work at Rosendin including an Operations Manager and mother of two who oversees data center projects, a Project Manager in renewable energy who is a mountain biker, a Project Manager with a five-year-old son who oversees hospital projects, and a Project Manager who helped build a wave park in Hawaii. We also developed a roundtable discussion where four women came together to discuss their experiences in the construction industry.

We decided to share these longer stories on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn where viewers would be more likely to watch a longer format. We also developed several shorter videos to share on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Some of these were produced and edited, while others were cell phone videos.

We succeeded in this campaign at all levels. Our video series received 70K total impressions and content views on our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube) with 2.4K total post engagements. On YouTube, this video series had 1.6K views.
Our women’s roundtable received 441 video views with 1.7K impressions across all social platforms. This was the first type of content piece that our team has done in a round table setting and the internal company feedback was extremely positive. The short-form clip on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts resonated exceptionally well with the field and had the most reach of any of the posts.


• Rob McJannet
• Samantha Peck
• Michael Mozingo
• Samantha Angiulo
• Christina Fisher
• Haley Earhart
• Amy Garcia
• JoAnn Cruz
• Laura Alloway
• Crystal Menjivar
• Salina Brown

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