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Articles | December 2, 2022

Helping Millions To Thrive: The IBT Social Capital Top 100 For 2022

Thanks to trailblazing business leaders, Social Capital is alive and well in America.

International Business Times

The Top 100 Social Capital leaders whom we recognize this year are committed to an incredible fight to relieve human suffering -- finding economically sustainable solutions made possible by sound and conscientious capitalistic business models. (Photo: IBTIMES US)

What it is the No. 1 problem facing American and the rest of the world? The answer is: human suffering — and how we can alleviate it. (Oops, we bet you answered wrong.)

If we cannot agree on that, then we are either inhuman, inhumane or completely blind. Because here are the facts:

  • About 25,000 people, more than 10,000 of them children, die from hunger every day worldwide and 854 million are malnourished. In the United States, though we are blessed to not have people dying of starvation every day, more than 34 million people, including 9 million children, are going without enough to eat on a daily basis.
  • About 600 million people, approximately 8% of the world, live in extreme poverty. Remarkably, even in our prosperous nation, the official poverty rate is 10.5%.
  • There are about 150 million orphans in the world who have no idea what the love of a parent feels like. In the Unites States, there are about 400,000 children living without permanent families. Many of these children will grow into adults without any long-term financial or emotional support.
  • About one of every eight people, or almost a billion people worldwide, suffer from some form of mental illness. In the United States, that percentage is disturbingly higher, with almost one in five U.S. adults (more than 50 million people) currently living with a mental illness.
  • Globally, only about 66% of youth ever finish high school. Remarkably, even in our supposedly advanced nation, about 20 million U.S citizens do not have a high school degree and about 65% (that’s almost two-thirds) of U.S. adults do not have a college degree.

And these are just a few of the extraordinary harsh realities humanity is facing every day. Yet, how is it possible that the media, the government and everybody else are not talking about this every day in the same way that they are constantly beating the drum about a whole lot of other “problems” they frequently refer to as the greatest crises facing our nation and our world?

Can there be any crisis greater than human pain and suffering – not twenty years in the future, but right now, happening every day, right in front of our eyes to so many millions of people, though many refuse to see? And can there be any more noble and important goal than helping people overcome that pain and suffering and find prosperity and happiness?

Well, surprisingly for some but not at all a surprise to anyone well-versed in the true purpose of capitalism done right, the Top 100 Social Capital leaders that we recognize this year, as well as those we recognized last year, are committed to an incredible fight to relieve human suffering — finding economically sustainable solutions made possible by sound and conscientious capitalistic business models.

The bottom line is that these companies are helping to solve these problems in incredible ways. This is huge and groundbreaking. They realize their role and responsibility is to not just provide products and services but to help improve the state of humanity — that is their real product.

They also realize that in our current climate of political gridlock and power-grabbing politicians who all too often seem to be more interested in getting elected than in what they do once they get elected to improve our plight, that they may be best positioned to help in the main event of this fight, while these other players fight amongst themselves on the sidelines.

Now, we are not proposing that government isn’t needed, or that nonprofits are not doing heroic work on these fronts as well. However, capitalism is alive, thriving and making life better for millions of people in America and the rest of the world because of these amazing leaders who realize that people are the point of profit because people are hurting and they need our help.

The real bottom line for businesses is their realization that they are one of the greatest potential sources for helping everyday people improve their lives. They need to be not only recognized but emulated in a big way if we want to really save the world and all the people in it.

Respect for the family, sharing the wealth, increased well-being, spreading knowledge and the power of information, authenticity and better healthcare for all are just a few of the extraordinary features we had the extreme pleasure of writing about this year in featuring many of these amazing companies and smart, successful and compassionate leaders. They are saving and improving lives through the economic machines of their companies, proving that a rising tide raises all boats, and that capitalism done right improves the plight of humanity more than any other system that the world has ever known.

2022 Top 100 by Industry

Affiliate Marketing
Robert Glazer – Acceleration Partners

Alan Mulally – Ford Motor

David Calhoun – Boeing

Business Coaching
Marshall Goldsmith – Marshall Goldsmith
Manny Maceda – Bain and Company
Eduardo Medina – BetterUp
Alexi Robichaux – BetterUp

Clothing & Fashion
Galyn Bernard – Primary
Sara Blakely – Spanx
Tim Boyle Columbia Sportswear Co.
Christina Carbonell – Primary
David Heath – Bombas
Richard Moore – The Good Feet Store
Antonio Nuño –Someone Somewhere
Kendra Scott – Kendra Scott

Mike Greenawalt – Rosendin Electric

Mike Hoover – Sundt Construction Co.
Harold MacDowell – TDIndustries
Derek Wright – Suntec Concrete

Austen Allred – BloomTech
Chuck Cohn – Nerdy
Hubert Joly – Harvard Business
Rachel Romer – Guild Education

Mike Wirth – Chevron

Bill Maher – “Real Time”

Financial Services
Daniel P Amos – Aflac
Ken Fisher – Fisher Investments
Fred Hassan – Warburg Pincus
Chris Hilger – Securian Financial
Roger C Hochschild – Discover Financial
Charlie Javice – Frank
Jasmine Jirele – Allianz Life
Deanna Mulligan – Guardian Life
Penny Pennington – Edward Jones
Sammy Rubin – YuLife
Tim Ryan – PricewaterhouseCoopers
John Schlifske – Northwestern Mutual
Doug Schukar – USA Mortgage
Joe Ucuzoglu – Deloitte
Walter White – Allianz Life

Sarah Robb O’Hagan – Exos

Food & Beverage
Cheryl Bachelder – Chick-fil-A
Mike Brady – Greyston Bakery (formerly)
Shawn Conway – Peet’s Coffee (formerly)
Don Larson – Sunshine Nut Co.
Andrew Ly – Sugar Bowl Bakery
Danny Meyer – Shake Shack
Brian Niccol – Chipotle Mexican Grill
David Novak – YUM! Brands
Joth Ricci – Dutch Bros Coffee
Hamdi Ulukaya – Chobani

Kabeer Chopra – Burrow
Stephen Kuhl – Burrow

Healthcare & Wellness
Robin Berzin – Parsley Health
Seth Bogner – HeartPoint Global
Lorna Borenstein – Grokker
Angelo Falcone –Dignity Integrative Health – Healthcare
Sam Hazen – HCA Healthcare – Healthcare
Laura Katz – Helaina
Karen Lynch – CVS Health
John Mackey – Love Life!
Chris Van Gorder – Scripps Health
Alyson Watson – Modern Health

Chris Nassetta – Hilton

Bob Chapman – Barry-Wehmiller
Jason Lippert – Lippert Components
Steven Richman – Milwaukee Tools
Garry Ridge – WD-40 Company

Robert B Ford – Abbott Laboratories
Adam Gladieux – RxRise
Alexander Hardy – Genentech
Steve MacMillan – Hologic
Matt Sause – Roche Diagnostics

Whitney Wolfe Herd – Bumble
Ryan Roslansky – LinkedIn

Jamie Ratner – CertifiKID

Real Estate
Jonathan Keyser – Keyser
Christian Ulbrich – JLL

Donald Thomson – CRDC Global

Jon Clifton – Gallup
Lisa Marrocchino – Proteus Ocean Group

Brian Scudamore – 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Porter Braswell – Jopwell

Spaceflight Training
Maraia Tanner – STAR HARBOR Academy

Sporting Goods
Stephan Aarstol – Tower Paddle Boards
Davis Smith – Cotopaxi

Shari Ballard – Minnesota United FC

Tactical Equipment
Jason Beck – TYR Tactical

Aron Ain – UKG
Rebecca Clyde –
Jim Goodnight – SAS
Antonio Neri – Hewlett Packard Ent.
Raghu Raghuram – VMware
Chuck Robbins – Cisco
Stu Sjouwerman – KnowBe4
Mikkel Svanne – Zendesk
Chris Todd – UKG

Translation Services
Susanne Evens – AAA Translation

David Alexander – Caljet
Ed Bastian – Delta Air Lines


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