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Articles | December 19, 2022

ENR 2022 MidAtlantic Top Specialty Contractors: Growth Remains Elusive for Region’s Specialty Firms

Work for specialty construction firms in the MidAtlantic region continues to decline, according to the 2022 ENR MidAtlantic Top Specialty Contractor survey.

ENR MidAtlantic

Helix Electric, which ranked No. 6 on the MidAtlantic Top Specialty Contractor list, installed the electrical system for George Washington University’s 2100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW project. Photo by Mikael Lucas, courtesy of Helix Electric

Work for specialty construction firms in the MidAtlantic region continues to decline, according to the 2022 ENR MidAtlantic Top Specialty Contractor survey. The 18 firms that submitted responses had a combined $2.03 billion in 2021 revenue. That total represents a 25.2% decline from the $2.71 billion recorded by the top 18 firms on last year’s survey—which is based on revenue in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. One noteworthy caveat is that last year’s No. 1 ranked firm, MasTec Inc., did not participate this year. MasTec had $688 million in revenue last year. If the Mastec figures were discounted, total revenue for the next 18 firms was $2.03 billion, unchanged from this year’s total.

The top-ranked firm on this year’s list is Comfort Systems USA, with $361.99 million in revenue. The Houston-based mechanical firm registered a 4.87% decrease from last year’s total of $380.50 million, which put the firm in second place.

Hatzel & Buehler Inc., ENR MidAtlantic’s 2017 Specialty Contractor of the Year, returned to form. The nation’s oldest electrical contractor, based in Wilmington, Del., finished at No. 2, with $295.66 million in revenue, up sharply from $60.90 million last year, when the firm ranked 13th. Before last year, Hatzel & Buehler ranked No. 4 and No. 3, respectively, with $219.70 million and $202.50 million.

Rosendin Electric holds the No. 3 position again this year with $291.07 million in regional revenue, down 5% from the $306.34 million the firm recorded last year.

Electrical Cos. is this year’s ENR MidAtlantic Specialty Contractor of the Year. The firm logged $40 million of regional work, to finish at No. 13 on this year’s ranking. Last year, the firm ranked No. 16 with $36.7 million. Turn to page MA10 to read more about Nickle’s achievements.

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