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Articles | June 30, 2022

Building On Our Relationships

A key to continued success.

The Feeder | Q2 2022 Newsletter
Century Plaza Los Angeles

By Brett Strohlein, P.E., Rosendin Preconstruction Executive

Although right now, the market seems boundless and as if it can bring us the best work anytime and replace any we cannot secure, experience has shown that we must enjoy the good times because these too shall pass. Friendships and bonds earned via our “good work” sustain us when times are less bright and help us continue to create opportunities.

Ask Yourself:

How often do you hear your co-workers and leaders say that we work with our friends? How often do you get to say that?

In my experience, friendships forged with customers and coworkers last longer and are far stronger than the memories of any specific project issues or challenges. These friendships have outlasted any job or project of the moment and hold teams together when the lean times come again. So, why should you take the time out of your day? Why do we need to continue to focus on the people side of the business? Because the people we interact with are the
foundation of our success and the fuel for what we have ahead of us.

One of our biggest challenges as a company is to continue creating opportunities. Rosendin has a plan for who and what we want to be in the years to come. Part of this plan is growing our footprint and expanding our share in key markets beyond our current workload. Creating that opportunity also means we need to start this journey by keeping and renewing our current work first. Relationships are paramount.

The people with whom we interact and to whom we make commitments are the same ones that will continue to bring us our best work in the coming years. As our teams grow, we will discover the leaders from within those teams that need the opportunity to lead. They will gain that opportunity with our current customers and release their leaders to find and create new bonds. It is a fundamental part of an effective succession plan that we all need to embrace. This succession is simple and happens at every level in our organization. From our first assignments in the field or office to our BIM, Field, QA/QC, and Prefab teams, we all need growth to stay engaged. As we all grow in our business, those touches and impressions are left behind to become the foundations that grow our teams and us.

So, how do these relationships create opportunities for everyone at Rosendin?

Relationships are the path to creating the opportunity to grow our people.

My favorite principle at Rosendin is that “to be a true leader, you must develop a leader who can train a leader.” Our Northwest Operations Manager, Tim Moore, instills this mindset in the region, and I, among others, believe it.

We succeed when we can partner with our customers and create situations as leaders for our teams to take over what we do. We give them the tools to excel without our guidance, and ultimately we begin training our replacement creating a powerful reinforcing cycle. Once it starts, it gains a positive momentum needing little.

Ultimately, some of our relationships can transition from us to other members of the Rosendin team, creating opportunities for all. Rosendin keeps the relationship, and we now have opportunities to build new ones.

When we, the faces of Rosendin, can find a purpose in what we do and enjoy the relationships we create while living our Mission, we create Value. Value can be seen as increasing our ESOP program, the ability to continue offering great benefits to our employees, building a company that we all can be proud of, and the investment we are making in all of us. Building relationships and our continued success is everyone’s responsibility. Take some time during your week to connect with our customers and partners. A quick email or phone call to say hello will go further than you know. Make this part of your routine and be a leader for our continued success. 

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