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2021 Groundbreaking Women in Construction

Thank you for stopping by Rosendin's 2021 Groundbreaking Women in Construction site!

Thank you for stopping by Rosendin’s 2021 Groundbreaking Women in Construction site!

Rosendin is excited to be attending and sponsoring the 2021 Groundbreaking Women in Construction as a virtual event. We enjoyed connecting with everyone last year and look forward to the exciting virtual events that GWIC has to offer this year.

Please take a moment to learn more about Rosendin’s services and all that we offer as the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contractor.

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Women employees

It was a pleasure meeting you at the 2021 Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference! Fill out the details in the provided form for a chance to win a prize from the Rosendin Team.

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Safety & Training

At Rosendin, safety is part of our culture. We take every precaution and measure necessary to ensure that our employees receive proper training and equipment to complete all tasks safely.

As a company with one of the lowest EMRs in the industry, Rosendin is dedicated to safe work practices. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all our workers and a mission that we take seriously. From the provision of proper PPE to pre-task planning to the implementation of COVID-19-specific protocols, Rosendin takes every precaution to provide our craft workers and office employees with the safest environment possible.

Rosendin believes that the value in providing continuing education opportunities for its workforce leads to long-term retention and success. Establishing innovative solutions to strengthen its skilled craft workers reinforces Rosendin’s mission of building quality, building value, and building people. This mission has helped to produce the most skilled and educated workforce to guide the company through its next 100 years.

Caring for Our People & Our Communities

Rosendin believes that it is our duty to positively impact the communities in which we live and work. We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our employees and work to promote equality and diversity. Through the work of The Rosendin Foundation, we seek to bring this philosophy of service to our communities.

Rosendin has Zero Tolerance for racism. It is our responsibility as a leader in the building industry to promote equality and diversity. Acts of discrimination, harassment, and/or racism by or against our team members, partners, and clients will not be tolerated.

The Rosendin Foundation was established to positively impact communities, build and empower people, and inspire innovation. With a focus on emotional, occupational, and nutritional health, The Rosendin Foundation seeks to partner with community-focused non-profit organizations to further this mission.

Careers & Technology

We are always seeking talented individuals who share our commitment to our core values: We Care, We Share, We Innovate, We Excel. Through the implementation of innovative technologies led by passionate people, we strive to bring quality and efficiency to all of our projects.

If you’re looking to make a career change and become a member of the Rosendin family, start here! We offer paths to success in a variety of fields including project management, field operations, accounting, business development, and much more. Become an employee-owner and build your future with Rosendin!

With the shortage of skilled workers, companies have had to leverage technology to keep workers safe and drive job site efficiencies. At Rosendin, our core value of Innovation guides and inspires us to help shape our industry by developing technologies in-house to improve quality and increase productivity. Rosendin has designed and incorporated new technologies that have shifted the electrical industry and made it safer for our teams in the field.

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