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Automated Invoicing Guide For Suppliers

Dear Valued Supplier:

The following invoice requirements are in effect as of August 20, 2018 for all invoices submitted to the Rosendin Electric group of entities. (EDI and Sub-Contract Suppliers, please see section 5 in the downloadable guide). Please ensure adherence to these invoice guidelines to enable faster payment of your invoice(s).

Thank you for your continued partnership with Rosendin Electric!

Important Information

Complete and accurate information is required for payment. Failure to meet any of the following invoice requirements may result in the rejection of your invoice and a delay in payment. A corrected invoice will be required.

Delayed payments due to sending invoices to an incorrect email address, or invoice matching issues due to missing or inaccurate information are the responsibility of the supplier.

To reduce the chances of delays in the processing or payment of invoices for amounts payable by Rosendin Electric, please follow the invoice requirements in our downloadable guide.

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