Lean Construction

Lean Construction

Rosendin Electric is proud to be one of the pioneers in the concepts of Lean Construction. As projects become more complicated and require interdependencies from many disciplines, construction teams have found it difficult to deliver projects in a reliable method with “on time” and “under budget” results. We believe in providing value to our customers by removing waste, through innovation and by exceeding customer expectations.

We continuously look for opportunities to bring Lean concepts and tools to all our projects. These tools include BIM, prefabrication, pull-planning, direct observations, 5S and many more.


Rosendin Electric is a member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) and a participant in many of LCI’s Communities of Practice across the United States. In addition, Rosendin is a member of the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL).


The Rosendin Electric performance on the UCSF Mission Bay Hospital project has been outstanding. The detailing effort is one of the best that I have seen. Value Engineering suggestions from experienced electricians have provided great savings to the project without compromise to the program. The overall coordination and planning process among the numerous stakeholders on the project has been exceptionally smooth and very complete. Continuous budget updates and estimating support with challenging contractual demands and ever changing market conditions have been worked through with great professionalism.
— Bill Helfrich, Pre-Construction Manager - DPR Construction