Relief Efforts

Relief Efforts

Help for Victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

Rosendin Electric is committed to playing our part and helping those victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma rebuild their lives. If you are interested in donating financially, or as a volunteer, we’ve identified organizations below that have been adequately vetted to ensure dollars will be used most effectively. If you are interested in volunteering for clean-up efforts, please click on the Volunteers tab to the left for more information.

Hurricane Harvey

With parts of the Houston area still underwater, thousands of evacuees have not returned home. Many do not know if they have homes to return to. This is a long-term recovery with vast needs and tremendous demands. But Hurricane Harvey did not destroy the community’s resolve. Average citizens, relief groups and emergency crews are pulling off an inspiring comeback. Donors and volunteers beyond the affected area play a crucial role. You too can be a part of that response.

The Education Foundation Supporting Aransas County ISD          Luv of Dogz Fund Inc.   

HurricanE Irma

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. The hurricane has leveled countless homes, swamped communities and impacted millions of people. The heartbreaking images are familiar just days after the devastation in Houston and throughout the Gulf Coast.


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