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Rosendin Rosendin

Nottingham, MD

Kaiser Permanente White Marsh

Project Summary

The Kaiser Permanente White Marsh project was the demolition of a 6,900 SF existing office space and fit-out of new physical therapy center, with several patient rooms and a large physical therapy gym. The scope of work included roughly 150 light fixtures, 800 AMP Service Entrance Distribution, rough-ins for security/telecom, and trench/saw cut work for new floor boxes.
Key features in this project included angled lighting at differing heights in the lobby area, local lighting control using nLight with plug-load interface, new stand-alone fire alarm system. The lighting was the biggest challenge as the architect selected astatic lights that required numerous hours of detailed layout and skilled labor to install as they were shown on the plans. Various changes from the end-user for IT needs challenged the schedule and required coordination with the landlord to add this tenant to their existing systems.
This project was located in an end-unit tenant space of a one-story office building complex. Scheduled outages were necessary for this project which required our teams to coordinate with multiple tenants to approve an appropriate time for the outages to take place. Due to the number and variety of tenants, coordinating a time often meant tasks were performed during off-hours.
Rosendin’s work also required running conduit through other tenant spaces in order to reach the building’s main electric room. Respecting the space, hours and post-shift clean-up were paramount. Rosendin completed this project early and under budget.


Kaiser Permanente White Marsh

6,900 SF office space with physical therapy center, patient rooms, and physical therapy gym

Nottingham, MD
Kaiser Permanente
General Contractor
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
6 Months
6,900 SF

Project Facts


AMP Service Entrance Distribution


Lighting Fixtures



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