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Rosendin Rosendin

Sterling, VA

Carpathia (QTS)

Project Summary

The Carpathia Northern Virginia data center is one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world. The facility offers a comprehensive suite of hosting services addressing several standard compliance requirements. Six (6) transformers provide power to the data center, and the use of two (2) uninterrupted power source systems protects against power failure. Colocation services are delivered through standard cabinets and caged spaces with diverse power options. The facility utilizes state of the art environmental technologies for the efficient operation of IT equipment. Security at the site consists of cameras monitoring the perimeter of the building and roof, and access points utilize hand geometry readers. Rosendin provided electrical construction services for the 50,000 square foot space including generators, electrical distribution and switching systems, fire detection system, cable management systems, and building environmental monitoring and control systems.

Carpathia (QTS)

One of the largest internet exchange points in the world | 50,000 square feet | Leading Edge Data Center

Sterling, VA
Caparthia Hosting, Inc.
General Contractor
HITT Contracting, Inc.
8 Months
50,000 SF