Wind Energy

Wind Farm - Phase II (Texas)

Wind Energy
200.1 MW

The design-build wind farm was developed in two phases and has a total installed capacity of 379.85 MW, approximately 200 turbines, and supplies power to more than 100,000 homes.

Rosendin Electric was involved in Phase II with the addition of 200 MW and the installation of 87 Siemens 2.3 MW SWT 2.3-101 wind turbines, one (1) substation, and an expansion of a 345kV Switchyard.

I just wanted to take a minute at the beginning of a new year to thank you and your team at Rosendin Electric for all the hard work and successful projects we completed last year and to let you know Qwest looks forward to another great year. As you know, Qwest can be a very demanding customer because our service relies on AC power and service outages must be prevented at all cost. You and your team understand our ways and work diligently to meet all of our requirements.
— Richard Johans, Project Manager