Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula

Monterey, CA
288 Beds

The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (also known as CHOMP) included a 303,000 square foot remodel/addition to the historic 75,000 square foot hospital. Central to the selection process was the ability to work in an existing critical facility with minimal impact to the hospital's ongoing operation. In preparation for the work, a new underground parking structure (first OSHPD approved underground facility), emergency power generators, a redundant server room, and MPOE were installed to facilitate the smooth removal of existing OSP copper and fiber circuits. Complete with state-of-the-art medical procedure equipment, the successful construction of the South Pavilion required close coordination between the Rosendin Electric Network Services Group and the hospitals IT department. Through this, Rosendin Electric was able to provide a logical and safe transition to the critical existing healthcare systems. Forest Pavilion, the patient bed building, was the final major building on the CHOMP campus. The original underground infrastructure was removed as it was located under the new footprint. As the Forest Pavilion was being built, a redundant backbone was installed to the server room in the new underground parking structure.

Converted from a clinic to a 30-bed hospital in 1934, CHOMP now has 258 licensed hospital beds and 28 skilled-nursing beds.

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