Solar Power

Saddleback Valley USD

MIssion Viego, CA
Solar Power
4.68 MW DC

Saddleback Valley USD is the first school solar project that Rosendin Electric completed that incorporated the installation of Emergency Natural Gas Generators: one for the Nutrition Center’s food storage, and the other for the District Office’s servers. In addition, solar canopy carports and lunch area shade structures were installed.

Phasing played a significant role in completing the projects due to the high traffic volume working on an active school site that could have resulted in additional costs. However, due to the negotiations that were had on the front end of the project for additional parking areas, Rosendin was able to significantly decrease the number of phases which in turn minimized costs. 

There were multiple instances where the team was working off old as-builts, some as old as 1964, which missed significant utilities. They were able to find and avoid many of these through multiple hours of overlays which saved the project from significant costs.


  • 2016 NECA Orange County Chapter Award for Electrical Excellence

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