Foothill Park Light Pole Replacement - City of San Jose

San Jose, CA
3 - 800lb concrete light poles

Rosendin replaced 3 - 800lb concrete light poles at Foothill Park for the City of San Jose. The existing poles were approximately 40-50 years old and were inaccessible for servicing due to the steep terrain. A crane was used to reach 250’ from the roadway to remove the old poles and replace with new hinged poles with internal winches for future servicing. The new LED fixtures will make the park brighter and safer for years to come.

I find it amazing that REI’s footprint on our project is only large enough for the activities at hand. All of the conduit, racks, and junction boxes were prefabricated at the shop to be brought out and installed and it is being done on schedule and injury free. Great job by the REI team!
— Richard Armend, Superintendent - Skanska USA