San Francisco Federal Building

San Francisco, CA
650,000 Square Feet

The San Francisco Federal Building is an 18-story skyscraper on the corner of Mission and 7th Street. Designed by Morphosis and ARUP, this innovative 650,000 square foot building features extensive use of natural ventilation for cooling. The building's exterior skin consists of a glazing system that incorporates computer-engineered "glass chimneys" that modulate the amount of natural ventilation across the office tower floors according to space temperature, outside air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and other environmental factors. The building also incorporates extensive use of day lighting to reduce electric lighting. Fully conditioned areas are served by both under floor and overhead VAV air distribution systems and there is a central chilled water and hot water plant in the facility.

Rosendin Electric provided and installed:

  • 480v Distribution
  • Lighting
  • Daylight Harvesting Lighting Control Systems
  • Metered Load Verification
  • Fire Life Safety Systems
  • Site Utilities Infrastructure

The San Francisco Federal Building achieved LEED® Silver Certification

San Francisco is a small 47-and-a-half square mile city that has more LEED certified buildings than any city in the United States of America.
— San Francisco Mayor (2004-2011), Gavin Newsom