Data Centers


Data Centers

The L1/L2/L3 project was completed with zero security violations.

L1 entailed an expansion of existing live mission-critical generator yard to accommodate (2) new generator pads concrete privacy wall, the demolition/ fit out of a new UPS room, as well as the installation of new ATSs, MTSs, switchgear and paralleling switchgear. Scope includes site utilities and electrical (heavy duct banks). We constructed approximately 7500 linear feet of duct bank conduit installed in 140 feet of length, with triple height trench boxes for excavation utilized, as well as shoring against adjacent operational structures and coordinated coring adjacent to micro piles into the existing facilities. The feeder cables were 500kcmil copper.

This project required coordination with extensive public and private underground existing utilities. MOPs were typically performed on weekends or after hours in existing facility. There were approximately 45 electrical MOPs for the project. Rosendin was responsible for the phased integration of the new equipment to existing systems.

L2 was the live environment, mission-critical mechanical and electrical upgrade in the basement of an existing facility. The scope includes Electrical installation of Owner- Furnished (4) 2MW CAT Generators, (1) 1000KVA EATON UPS System, Owner-Furnished GPSG to existing GPSG in basement of secure facility. Additional scope includes site utilities and Siemens/SCADA EPMS. Rosendin performed the integration of the new generators into existing power distribution and paralleling equipment.

Rosendin took on the role of systems integrator responsible for the phased integration of new equipment onto existing systems. Rosendin implemented extensive MOP preparation and review process. The MOP log was prepared in accordance with the phasing schedule and MOPs were written up to 45 days in advance. There were three levels of review with the client, GC, facilities manager, and engineers of record.

An inherent challenge of working in a secure facility is the coordination with security personnel and adherence to all security procedures. Rosendin performed all work inside this secure facility with escorts and in compliance with all security procedures. This required pre-planning of deliveries of materials, worker clearances, laptop and electronic device approval/security procedures.

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