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Computerworld Names Rosendin Electric’s CIO Sam Lamonica to Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2012

December 6, 2011

Computerworld Names Rosendin Electric’s CIO Sam Lamonica to Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2012

Sam Lamonica, CIO of Rosendin Electric (, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor and a 100% employee-owned company, has been named to IDG’s Computerworld list of the Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2012. Lamonica was singled out for his innovation in adapting mobile computing technology to give construction site employees access to enterprise applications and data, and for his work promoting a paperless back office environment and streamlining procurement.

Under Sam’s leadership, Rosendin Electric has found new ways to optimize operations using enterprise technology. By deploying consumer mobile applications, mobile construction solutions from vendors like Vela, and installing remote access solutions like Citrix, Sam has been able to provide field personnel with remote access to business-critical applications. Using secure cellular and wireless technology, such as smart phones and iPads, job site personnel can now remotely access materials lists, blueprints, QA/QC and safety checklists, vendor data, and much more. Handheld devices can be used to check and markup drawings, take and transmit photos, conduct commissioning processes, or as virtual remote terminals to access corporate email, calendars, the company Intranet, etc. For the first time, field personnel armed with mobile tablets can access all the information they need without having to rely on stacks of paper or taking that extra trip to the office.

Sam was also instrumental in implementing new procurement processes and integration with key suppliers that resulted in significant savings for the company. The new paperless procurement system handles orders, billing, and invoices using electronic data interchange (EDI). Sam and his team have extended the same paperless process to Rosendin Electric’s HR department to manage benefits administration. As a result, Rosendin Electric’s back office processes are more efficient and in line with the company’s commitment to green business practices.

“Sam has transformed the way Rosendin Electric works, making our staff more efficient and saving us a lot of money in the process,” said Tom Sorley, CEO of Rosendin Electric. “Using mobile technology to bring enterprise access to the field personnel and streamlining procurement and in-house operations gives us a leg up on our competitors by allowing us to respond faster with greater accuracy. And Sam continues to get rave reviews from the staff for his innovative thinking, his positive attitude, and his empowering management style. This honor from Computerworld is certainly deserved.”