The Time is Now to Join Forces for IoT

October 27, 2017

The Time is Now to Join Forces for IoT

Sam Lamonica, VP and CIO, Rosendin Electric

CIO Applications - IoT Special

When I transitioned from the High Tech sector to the construction industry over 12 years ago, the iPad was not yet invented, the "Digital Transformation" was still in the far distance, and there was very little in the way of mobile technology on construction job sites. Fast forward to today. The amount of mobile technology that is being deployed to Field Operations staff is almost mind-boggling and most modern construction workers have embraced the large variety of mobile tools now designed for our industry. Almost every light weight mobile technology (smart phones, tablets, and wearables) are running every OS available and are part of our field forces' tool belt. It is becoming more difficult to maintain a standard set of apps for these devices as the vast array of construction-centric apps continue to grow at a rapid pace. Everything from managing employee time cards, to conducting safety inspections; handling vast numbers of plans, drawings, and specifications digitally, versus mountains of paper; conduction QA/QC inspections, and viewing 3D renderings of a floor under construction; the list goes on and I said, mind-boggling.....


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