How Oregon Works

January 25, 2019

How Oregon Works

Tim Moore of Rosendin Electric on finding top talent

Published by the Portland Business Journal:

Rosendin Electric is a San Jose, Calif.-based integrated electrical services provider with 15 regional offices. Its Northwest Division headquarters is located in Hillsboro. The company employs 6,200 nationally, including 753 in Oregon, and has annual U.S. revenue of roughly $2 billion.

What is your biggest workforce challenge? Filling the calls for electricians for the projects that we have out there — projects we already have booked, and also projects that are upcoming. With all the work that is happening all around the country, we can no longer depend on traveling electricians.

Do you spend more time on workforce development strategy than you did in the past? Certainly.

What are some of the things you’re doing to plan ahead? We are working with the local union halls to not only increase the number of apprentices we are bringing in and training those folks, but also organizing efforts in the non-union sector to build the workforce we need to meet customer demand.

Do you have employees who are dedicated to workforce planning and assessment? Yes. Not only do we have folks dedicated to this, but we have a new focus on helping departments create strategic planning goals that are tailored to growing our workforce, as well as developing existing employees with career mapping, etc.

Have you increased your in-house training? Yes, in several areas, including project management.

What strategies have worked for you in bringing in new employees? Is salary the main consideration? I would say it’s no longer about the money or the overtime. We are making our projects safer, we are improving the conditions of the job sites, including better toilet facilities, for example. We try to make sure there are good lunches available — types of things we might not have considered a decade ago.

This month you hosted 15 high school students in a two-day “School-to-Career” program, which provides early learning credits. How long have you been doing that? This was our first opportunity with the early learning program with Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts. We’re going to continue to do that with those districts, and also with Crook County and other schools around Washington County. That’s where we have a lot of our business — in the Portland metro area, and the Bend-Redmond-Prineville area.