The Future of Technology in Construction

January 11, 2018

The Future of Technology in Construction

By Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

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Technology is having an increasing impact on our work lives, including in construction. As you might expect, more iPads and mobile devices are being used on the job site, but there are a number of other emerging technologies that are being adapted to construction work in previously unforeseen ways. Some of these technologies could improve work efficiency and others could improve worker safety, but they all have to overcome a number of challenges before they become practical.

"Virtual reality (VR) is making headway in various industrial applications and offers possibilities for use in construction."

I had the privilege recently of hosting an informal CIO Summit at our company headquarters, bringing together technology executives from leading construction and contracting companies to discuss some of the technological challenges that face our industry today. We all shared our thoughts about how we would implement and support emerging technologies such as biometrics, wearable mobile devices, augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and what current technology can be adapted to improve safety and productivity. Here are just a few of the technology trends that will likely have a direct impact on construction . . .

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