Celebrating Safety Week 2015

May 4, 2015 - May 8, 2015

Celebrating Safety Week 2015

by Marty Rouse, Vice President Safety, CSP, CHST, STS-C

Rosendin Electric looks at safety as a value, a value that we will not compromise.  In celebrating Safety Week in May, we again share that message and belief with all our employees.  We use Safety Week as a time to remind our employees of the reason they need to work safe - because of their value, their family.  We remind them that their loved ones are depending on them to return home from work each and every day injury free.  By joining the two values together, the value of family and the value of safety we create a culture where everyone is working together safely and injury free.

Throughout our company, in all the offices across the country, we will be celebrating this week with the same message.  The message that safety at Rosendin Electric starts with Tom Sorley, our CEO, and works down to the first-year apprentice, and then back up again.  With open communication, we empower all our employees to be a part of creating the injury free culture we all strive to work within.  We believe that everyone deserves a safe environment to work and no one needs to be injured while working to provide for themselves and their family. 

Please join us as we share our passion for safety and our belief that our people are not just our employees, but part of the Rosendin Electric family.