Honoring our Military Veterans

Honoring our Military Veterans

Chris Malm - NAVY

Chris Malm - NAVY

Chris Malm - NAVYChris Malm is a Service Manager in Rosendin's Virginia office. Chris served in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service from 1988-1997 during the conflicts of Operation Just Cause – Panama, Desert Storm, and the Persian Gulf/War on Terrorism.

"I have been with Rosendin one year and, out of the 21 years since leaving the military, it wasn’t until I came onboard here that I felt the items I learned in the military were put to proper use. Rosendin’s safety and quality practices mimics many of the Naval Nuclear protocols for maintenance and repair used onboard a U.S. Submarine."

Thank you for your service, Chris!










Ray Pierson - AIR FORCE

Ray Pierson - AIR FORCE

Ray Pierson - AIR FORCERay Pierson, a Foreman with Rosendin Electric, served in the U.S. Air Force for six years. During his service, Ray was stationed in places all over the world including England. He served during the Vietnam War from November 7, 1972 to May 24, 1978.

“I saw many get sent to Vietnam during the war. I was fortunate that I wasn’t deployed to Vietnam.”

Ray has worked with Rosendin for many years in Arizona on various projects.. The military instilled in Ray how to work hard no matter what the project at hand may be.

“Today, I make sure I have a work life balance and I love spending time with my family and watching Broadway shows.”

Thank you for your service, Ray!






Andrew Duffy - MARINES

Andrew Duffy - MARINES

Andrew Duffy started his career with Rosendin in 2017 as an Assistant Project Manager in Anaheim, CA. Having served five years in the U.S. Marine Corps prepared him for everything he needed to know and do in his current position. In the Marines Andrew served as an aviation electrician on the MV-22. From the beginning he was taught to be professional, organized, responsible, and dedicated.

"In my line of work I was responsible for my marines under me, the quality of maintenance they were preforming, meeting deadlines and making quick potential life or death decisions. My name and signature are the last on the maintenance performed, so if anything were to happen it was on me. With this experience I am able utilize my organizational, decision-making, and quality assurance skill set to Rosendin Electric while maintaining a professional attitude. Every day I am continuously providing updates, ordering material, scheduling work, meeting deadlines, and corresponding with our customers. My work flow and agendas are constantly moving and changing throughout each day keeping me on my toes and adapting accordingly. I am shifting my focus from task to task non-stop to reach my goals and meet our customer’s schedules and deadlines."

"Getting out of the military can be pretty scary at first, especially not knowing where to go or what to do. Everyone has in their mind that they will have to move home and figure it out later. What they don’t realize is how amazing the services and information given when leaving is and how helpful it is. You have all the resources needed to get ahead and start work or schooling, you are not alone out here. You just have reach out and not be afraid to ask for help when needed."

​Thank you for your service, Andrew!



Elizabeth Brightman - ARMY

Elizabeth Brightman - ARMY

Elizabeth Brightman - ARMY

Elizabeth Brightman was in the Army for four years stationed primarily in Ludwigsburg, Germany. She started with Rosendin in mid-2018 as the Administrative Assistant for the Southern California office in Anaheim working with the transportation group.

"Discipline, perseverance, patience, dealing with setbacks and adversity, establishing plans of action and contingency plans, staying organized, understanding and following standard operating procedures, doing one’s best under all conditions, understanding people – these skills/traits/abilities were taught/fostered/promoted by the military. Having these skills makes me a great support person for my team."

The skills that Elizabeth acquired while in the military help her every day while on the job supporting the team working on the Automated People Mover project at LAX.

"Rosendin is a great place to work. The company takes wonderful care of its employees, and I know that it truly values its military veterans. One can be proud of working at REI, just as I am proud of having been in the military."




Susan S Rodway - NAVY

Susan S Rodway - NAVY

Susan S Rodway - NAVYSusan S Rodway served five years active duty (NOV 84-NOV 89)  in the U.S. Navy as an Electricians Mate. She was stationed on the USS Dixon AS/37 San Diego, CA. In 1990, she became a Naval Reservist and spent her two weeks of active duty a year at various locations including the Naval Reserve Center, Swan Island, Unit Subbase Pearl Harbor (1990-2002), and the USS Frank Cable AS/40 until she retired from the Reserves in 2006. 

“My military experience has helped me by paying attention to detail, being organized, following through on all tasks and being respectful of the chain of command.”

In 2011, Susan joined Rosendin’s Oregon team and is currently a QA/QC Foreperson.

“As a veteran, and to others coming out of the military, you need to take advantage of all that is offered to increase your employability and opportunities to advance. Being a part of a successful organization can give you this security.”

Thank you, Susan, for your service!




Justin Dayzie - ARMY

Justin Dayzie - ARMY RESERVE

Justin Dayzie - ARMY RESERVEJustin Dayzie served in the Army Reserve from 2005-2013. In August 2008, he was a third year apprentice when his unit was deployed to Iraq for a year. During this time, Justin’s unit, 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, was embedded with a Provincial Reconstruction Team (ePRT) to assist the locals in rebuilding the country. Governance and school buildings were rebuilt and the coalition forces taught the local business and factory owners how to unite and manager their companies to make more money and create more jobs, particularly through the creation of a factory owner’s council. The local owners were taught how to lobby the Government of Iraq for resources, provide training in managing and marketing, and how to apply for bank loans. In addition, the Soldiers were able to provide a sense of security as they patrolled the area with 1st Squadron, 7th Cav. Regiment, 1st BCT, 1st Cav. Div., out of Joint Security Station Istaqaal.

“During my deployment I learned a lot with hands on training of construction management activities, startup processes, writing Scopes of Work, bidding, and interviewing contractors. The time I spent overseas helped open my eyes to a lot of the construction management activities that are used in the States.”

Today, Justin works as a General Foreman out of Rosendin’s Tempe office. He has been with Rosendin for three years and, since returning home in 2009, has been a part of IBEW Local 640 for the past 12 years.

Thank you for your service, Justin!

To read more about Justin’s service in Iraq, visit: www.army.mil/article/19879/patrolling_for_industry_coalition_forces_assi...

PHOTO: Spc. Justin Dayzie (left), a civil affairs specialist from Kaibeto, Ariz., assigned to the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion takes notes and a grid reading inside a plastics factory in Boob al-Sham here, April 14, 2009.


James Wilson - MARINES

James Wilson - MARINES

James Wilson - MARINESJames Wilson has been with Rosendin for six months as a Material Handler out of the Prineville, OR office. He served two years in the U.S. Marine Corps where he learned the organizational skills and importance of doing things right the first time that directly aligns with his current position.

“In the Marine Corps there is a strict Chain of Command and from this I know the importance of respecting that chain. I’m lucky that Rosendin is very well organized and has a similar chain structure in place, but, just like the military, it is strongly stressed that everyone work as a team to accomplish the same goal(s).

Rosendin is great for military veterans, and those just getting out of the service, as they provide an opportunity to learn a great trade while making a good living at the same time. Someone with drive and the physical capabilities can go far in this industry and, just in my short time with Rosendin, I have seen how they promote people from within which is very promising.”

Thank you for your service, James!





Bill Mazzetti - ARMY

Bill Mazzetti - Army

Bill Mazzetti - ARMYOver the last 14 years, Bill Mazzetti has worked hard to rise through the ranks at Rosendin and is currently the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Director of Modular Power Solutions (a Rosendin sister company). Hard work, however, is not something new for Bill. Thirty-four years ago he joined the military and it was those experiences that shaped his professional life today.  

“The military gave me tools to use as a soldier that I use every day in my professional career. The primary one being leadership, especially with mission-focused, driven, high-functioning professionals; attention to detail; and setting clear personal, unit and geopolitical goals for the purpose of unit success. There’s no degree of work stress that could ever be worse than my mission deployments.”

Bill was commissioned into the U.S. Army Reserve in 1984. Following Infantry Officer Basic Course, Airborne School, and Ranger School; Bill returned to civilian life a year later. He continued to serve in assignments up until he was accepted to the 12th Special Forces Group and continued taking courses such as the Special Forces Qualification Course, SERE School, and HALO School. Bill volunteered for subsequent OCONUS in three deployments and finished his military career in the reserves as an aide-de-camp to a general officer.

“Rosendin most closely matches your positive experience in the military and disposes of all the nonsense and politics that comes with military life.  Rosendin also has a knack for identifying, nurturing and promoting the most worthy and capable individuals, regardless of where they came from or who they are.  Rosendin funds training and individual, unit, and organizational support like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

​Thank you, Bill, for your service!


Jerry Garcia - MARINES

Jerry Garcia - MARINES

Jerry Garcia - MARINESJerry Garcia served in the United State Marines Corp Reserves for six years in Concord, CA. As a Corporal, he learned how to quickly adapt to situations and push to overcome challenges. In 2007, Jerry joined the Rosendin team in San Jose, CA and is now a General Foreman overseeing teams on different types of project sites.

“I don’t just have a job, I have a career and with this will always be challenges to overcome. Once the project I have worked on is done being built, the feeling of accomplishment makes you so proud that you want to do it again. A career with Rosendin is ever changing. One job is not like the next. From inside to outside work, offices to data centers and campuses, you will always get a change of season with different tasks.”

A quote that speaks true to Jerry each and every day is from Pastor Ron Carpenter, “Leadership, skills, integrity and honesty will earn peoples respect but how you command yourself with attitude is what people will see and remember.  You can have all the talent to get in the room, but your character is what keeps you in the room.”

​Thank you for your service, Jerry!



Vinnie Serio - NAVY

Vinnie Serio - NAVY

Vinnie Serio - NAVYIn January 1990, Vinnie Serio began his naval career as an enlistee at Naval Base San Diego. He attended A school to become an Aviation Machinist Mate and was deployed to Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA. Vinnie was detached to VA-34 (Blue Blasters) which, at that time, flew the A6-E – aka the “sky pig” for its unusual design. He achieved rank of PO3 AD (Petty Officer 3rd Class Aviation Machinist Mate).

While with VA-34, Vinnie was deployed upon the Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), the first ship deployed to the Red Sea and to navigate the Suez Canal, for what became Operation Desert Shield. Vinnie and his squadron served there for six months and, upon his return, received several medals and was given a General Discharge for his service.

As a civilian, Vinnie returned home to Portland, OR to pursue a career in the electrical trade. “My father had been, at that point, a 30 year member of the IBEW LU 48 and it was a natural transition with my ability to work with the tools. I began my electrical career in 1993 as a panel shop technician, then to Material Handler, then to apprentice in 1995.”

Vinnie has been with Rosendin for 16 years beginning as a Journeyman Wireman, then Steward, Safety Coordinator, General Foreman, and now in his current role as a Superintendent on a project site in Hillsboro, OR.

“What I learned most from being in the military that transferred over to my career is my attention to detail, the ability to follow and carry out orders from superiors, an insane notion to love others and, most importantly, that every person has a voice in the process. I am proud to have served my Country and give thanks to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in protection of the freedom Americans come to claim without want. To this day I have stayed in touch with a guy from my boot camp. We have stayed in contact all of these years, which speaks to the bond the Service really does create. God Bless America.”

Thank you for your service, Vinnie!