Project Profile - Antelope Valley Union High School District
Lancaster, CA
Solar Power
9,600 kW
Antelope Valley Union High School District hosts California's largest school district solar energy system to date. Rosendin Electric provided full turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services for the installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems across ten different high schools in North Los Angeles County. The systems promote energy independence and substantially decrease electricity costs by providing clean, green energy for the next 20 years and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 250,000 tons. As a result, these long-term energy savings can be redirected to fund essential educational programs and services.

The ten campuses are now home to over 41,000 solar modules sitting atop state-of-the-art steel canopies. These aesthetically-designed solar structures generate clean energy and also provide shaded parking for over 4,000 faculty and student vehicles in sunny Antelope Valley. The canopies are outfitted with energy-efficient lighting and improved security cameras to enhance both safety and campus security. In addition to the canopy systems, Rosendin Electric also installed a ground mount system at one of the ten sites.

Installations were completed in three phases in an effort to minimize construction time and campus disruption. Rosendin Electric strategically coordinated construction and delivery schedules to minimally impact classroom and school activity.

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