Project Profile - SFPUC Sunset Reservoir
San Francisco, CA
Solar Power
5,000 kW
Rosendin Electric completed the design and installation of the 5 MW photovoltaic system on top of the Sunset Reservoir. This project included the installation of nearly 24,000 Suntech modules and Advanced Energy inverters, currently making it the nation's largest municipal solar energy system. Due to its unique placement atop nearly 12 acres of the reservoir's delicate lid, all module and racking components were prefabricated onsite by Rosendin Electric and rolled into position. The San Francisco Public Utility Commission will use the clean energy generated at the Sunset Reservoir to offset various load demanding facilities across the City of San Francisco.

Impact: Estimated annual energy production = 6,300 Megawatt hours - More than triples the solar power generating capacity of the city and reduces carbon emissions by over 100,000 m/t

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