Solar Power
Rosendin Electric has quickly established itself as a leading EPC builder of mid to large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV & CPV) systems throughout the United States and Canada. With over 30 MW of project installation experience to date, more than 100 MW in construction, and 500 plus MW in various stages of development, we bring the turnkey expertise and EPC capabilities to develop the most efficient and cost effective solar solutions to our customers.

Rosendin Electric's experience and unique capabilities allow us to take on challenging solar PV projects in a variety of different locations and environments ranging from commercial, hospitals, schools, universities, and government facilities to utility grade solar farms. Project sizes range from 100 kW to more than 200 MW systems utilizing the best applicable CPV, PV or thinfilm technology in any mix of rooftop, ground mount, single and dual-axis tracker, and/or canopy based installations.

While our construction services are best in class, Rosendin Electric excels at working with developer and finance partners to achieve project funding. Our team intimately understands the two key gatekeepers for this critical aspect of a successful project:

1) Clearing the financial EPC hurdle rate while maximizing System Yields: What is determining the best System Yield to EPC cost ratio required for equity investors in the project to meet their return requirements?

2) Presenting a 'bankable' EPC risk solution for all financial stakeholders (Equity and Debt): Providing a no-risk EPC option in terms of in-house EPC capabilities, experience, quality control and a very strong balance sheet with empirical evidence that the company will honor and provide O&M services and warranty requirements.

"I think back on two SES replacements that you did with no service interruptions and chiller replacements that took lot of coordination on your part to prevent loss of cooling. I appreciate your honest and open sharing of electrical knowledge as a resource to me because that makes my job more manageable. I also appreciate being able to call you at the first sign of trouble and know we will get an immediate response to any issue."
Richard Johans